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JUNE / JULY 2024


Sean Kirkpatrick
Oak Ridge.png


Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick (pictured above) is the former head of the US Government’s UFO/UAP investigative agency AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, He was hired earlier this year as Chief Technology Officer of a key US National Laboratory that is controlled and operated by a defense contractor strongly implicated in the study of UFOs, including of extraterrestrial debris.


Kirkpatrick is now with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is sponsored by the US Department of Energy and is managed by the private organization Battelle Memorial Institute ( Battelle has a no-bid, sole-source, indefinite delivery contract to operate Oak Ridge (and most all U.S. National Laboratories) with no independent oversight. This includes the administration of all assets, staff, equipment, technology, and facilities. Oak Ridge has primary research missions in Biology, Materials Science, National Security and Energy/Nuclear Science. Kirkpatrick’s staff profile as reflected on the Oak Ridge website, can be seen here: Sean M Kirkpatrick | ORNL. It notes that Kirkpatrick’s responsibilities relate to addressing “classified R&D challenges”. It also notes that Kirkpatrick was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asset from 2005-2010.


Kirkpatrick likely holds the highest security clearances obtainable. He began his career in Defense and Intelligence-related science and technology immediately out of graduate school. He is the very definition of a “science spook”. He is a technical intelligence operative that is schooled in disinformation, misinformation, and misdirection. He has cultivated an air of dismissiveness about UFOs/UAPs. This is shown in the AARO public report on the phenomena issued under Kirkpatrick that was roundly criticized for its misrepresentations and omissions of data, cases, and sightings. These misrepresentations are no doubt purposeful, and Kirkpatrick, given his background, is skilled at shaping information.


So it is extraordinary that Kirkpatrick, the US government’s former leader of unidentified aerial phenomenon study, has affiliated with an organization that has a history of conducting secret research on the phenomena. Just why this may be so is explored here.


Founded in 1929, Battelle is engaged in research, testing, and development for a broad range of technologies. They specialize in materials science and engineering, life sciences, energy science, defense, and national security. Their sole client is the federal government.

From 1952-1954 Battelle was secretly contracted by the US Air Force to scientifically analyze 3200 UFO sightings cases for the official UFO reporting and study group Project Blue Book. This resulted in Battelle’s contribution to Project Blue Book’s Special Report #14. Battelle did not wish their name to be publicly associated with this and it was initially referred to as “a Midwest research institute” with their project work referred to as “Project Stork”.


Later Battelle was engaged in UFO policy development including a strange document written by a Battelle Project Director. It is known in UFO research circles as the “Pentacle Memo”, which stated that the government should purposefully falsify UFOs and send them into the atmosphere to see what kind of reports would be generated by members of the public viewing them. Battelle also seemed to exert undue influence on the Robertson Panel, a 1953 CIA UFO study group.


As noted in a March 15 piece by Marik von Rennenkampff on “The Hill” website, speaking about the March 8th congressionally-mandated AARO historical review of US government involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (and specifically about Kirkpatrick’s assessment of the Battelle UFO study results):

Blue Book.png

“AARO’s review misrepresents the most exhaustive, comprehensive historical analysis of UFO incidents, conducted on behalf of the Air Force by the Battelle Memorial Institute in the early 1950s. According to AARO, the resulting report found that “all cases that had enough data were resolved and explainable. But this is not what Battelle’s analysis found at all, and AARO’s misrepresentation of its conclusions speaks volumes. According to the Battelle analysis, as the quality of UFO reports improved, so too did the number with “unknown” explanations. Of the UFO cases considered “Excellent” and with sufficient data to draw a conclusion, 33 percent were categorized as having “unknown” origin.”


Kirkpatrick is at best being disingenuous when characterizing the Battelle study. At worst, he is purposely lying about the meaning of the results in order to minimize their importance and for other ulterior reasons.


Memory metals, uncrumpled and crumpled.png


Battelle was implicated in the study of the Roswell UFO “memory metal” crash debris through classified contracts given to Battelle by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Months after the Roswell crash, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base contracted with Battelle to examine novel Titanium alloys of never-before achieved purity for aero-applications. This included Nickel-Titanium (NiTI) which are the constituents of Nitinol, a shape-memory alloy, that, when crushed, “remembers” itself and returns to its original shape. This “memory metal” feature was credibly reported by numerous witnesses to the Roswell crash debris. And Wright-Patterson (then Wright Field) was the very base to which some of the debris was known to have been flown.


A former Battelle materials engineer, Elroy John Center, confessed in retirement that he had analyzed pieces of debris from a crashed UFO. It was later learned through FOIA that Center had co-authored a formerly classified technical paper on titanium purity. Ultra-high purity titanium is required to create Roswell-like memory metal Nitinol. Center’s supervisor was Dr. Howard Cross, who authored both the Pentacle Memo and Project Blue Book Special Report #14. General Arthur Exon, former Base Commander of Wright-Patterson in the 1960s, told researcher Kevin Randle that he had learned that some of the debris was comprised of “specially processed” titanium and that various tests had been performed on it.


See the following articles (and others in the Article Archive) to learn more about the Battelle-Roswell Memory Metal connection:

Dugway, enhanced with Photos.png
Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah

Battelle maintains a Life Sciences research facility at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, where it is alleged that alien corpses were stored. Dugway is the only military base in Utah with a Life Sciences research facility. This facility is operated by Battelle. Utah is the state where highly-decorated Colonel George Weinbrenner confessed the government stored alien corpses.

Weinbrenner was the Chief of the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Air Materiel Command (AMC) for a period of seven years during the 1960s and 1970s. He retired as Commander of Brooks Air Force Base (home of the Air Force’s School of Aerospace

Medicine) in San Antonio, TX. In his declining years, he resided in a veteran’s nursing facility (the San Antonio, TX Army Residence Community Center). In 2010, respected researcher Grant Cameron personally spoke with Weinbrenner’s long-time caretaker at the nursing facility and with her husband. Weinbrenner had no children and his wife was entirely incapacitated. He found a trusted friend and companion in his assisted living caretaker. The caretaker told Cameron that Weinbrenner would often speak to her about things like aerospace and his military history. Once the subject of UFOs came up between them. Weinbrenner smiled and gave her his cherished 1979 “Star Wars” passport souvenir as a token of his interest in things ET. Then just several months before he died – remembering their earlier conversation about UFOs – Weinbrenner, who was very lucid, told her something in a serious tone that stunned the woman: He confirmed to her that extraterrestrials are real. She looked at him incredulously. He added: “We have five aliens in Utah.” Apparently catching himself, George would comment no further. In so few words, Weinbrenner said so much: The alien presence is actual and it is being covered up. At some point in the past the government had retrieved the remains of crashed extraterrestrial beings. There are (at least) five of them. These five creatures are stored and preserved securely at an installation in Utah.


The installation that Weinbrenner alluded to was likely Dugway. Battelle’s facilities at Dugway include specialized enclosed testing structures for analysis and characterization of novel biological materials and genetic and biochemical analysis of every type. They have designed containment systems and clean rooms for the storage of biomaterials on the base. Could some of these materials have been alien?


Oak Ridge UFOs


Ironically, Battelle-operated Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where Kirkpatrick now works, itself had been the center of major UFO activity. The lab is sited in an area that it is prohibited to aircraft, so any UFO intrusion is of major concern.  Does Kirkpatrick know, for instance, that at the very facility he works, declassified FBI files describe radar detection of an apparent squadron of 11 unknown objects tracked over Oak Ridge installation on October 12th, 1950?


Or does Kirkpatrick know that on June 21, 1952, at 10:58 P.M., a Ground Observer Corps spotter reported a slow-moving white light with no silhouette flying above the laboratory? An F-47 aircraft on combat air patrol in the area was vectored in, visually spotted the object, and closed in on it. They made ‘cat and mouse’ maneuvers from 10,000 to 27,000 feet, and several times the object made what seemed to be ramming attack maneuvers. It then flew away from view at extreme speed. Is Kirkpatrick aware that other National Laboratories have had similar aerial intrusions, including some of more recent history - and particularly those engaged in nuclear research?




In May, New York Post reporter Dr. Steven Greenstreet spoke with Sean Kirkpatrick. Greenstreet is rather skeptical of UFOs, and this is why Kirkpatrick likely allowed a brief interview (see here: At 21:45 in the video interview, Greenstreet asked if Kirkpatrick “had any interest at all in UFOs” prior to his appointment to lead AARO in 2022. Kirkpatrick replied “not beyond the movies.” Greenstreet then rephrases the question: “Before AARO, did you perform any duties regarding UFOs or paranormal phenomena?” Kirkpatrick replied “No.” Greenstreet then asked “Did you attend a 2018 Senate Armed Services Committee briefing on Skinwalker Ranch?” (Skinwalker Ranch is an area in Utah that was once owned by Robert Bigelow, an aerospace contractor given contracts to study unknown aerial phenomena by the UFO government investigative body, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP). Kirkpatrick had a blank stare on his face when he replied, “Nnno, I attended a briefing at the request of the Senate Armed Services Committee on what at the time was associated with the AATIP research that was going on as an independent outside reviewer and I gave my opinions to them.”


This confusing reply upset Greenstreet. This is because Greenstreet knew that Kirkpatrick was not telling the truth. Kirkpatrick did indeed have a prior professional interest in UFOs – in fact, five years before, he was appointed to head AARO. During Greenstreet’s trip to Skinwalker Ranch a few years ago, as he told Kirkpatrick, the current owner of the ranch, Brandon Fugal, said that he had attended the same 2018 Senate Armed Services Committee meeting – and that Kirkpatrick was there too. Fugal told Greenstreet that Kirkpatrick not only attended the meeting, he ran it. Kirkpatrick, Fugal says, stated that he “was already fully aware of the UFO phenomena.”


Kirkpatrick then told Greenstreet, “I don’t recall ever meeting Fugal. Maybe he is confused.” Greenstreet at that moment realized that Kirkpatrick was a liar. Fugal then showed Greenstreet slides from the Senate 2018 briefing, with one of them clearly stating “Confidential Briefing/Skinwalker Ranch/US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.” Fugal later produced a picture of Kirkpatrick at the meeting, staring directly into the camera.



Kirkpatrick’s UFO and Intelligence work and his connections to contractor Battelle is telling. Technology transfer may be at the heart of the matter. Technology transfer is a controlled process of disclosing scientific knowledge through the movement of data, designs and materials from one organization to another. In the case of foreign obtained technology, often the method of obtainment and the historical ‘backstory’ of the transferred items are not released. Transfer of sensitive technologies is often done in a highly compartmentalized manner. Work is performed on only specific


facets of the total technology so that no single individual or entity accesses the entire program.


Battelle (and all private defense contractors) are insulated from inquiry. They cannot be compelled to comply with a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. They are not required to answer or even acknowledge questions from the public or from the media. Their work is considered trade secret. By placing sensitive projects with places like Battelle (often staffed by former high-ranking military and intelligence) these projects are shielded from scrutiny.


Another way in which government-sponsored, highly restricted technical work is accomplished is by having private-sector contractors physically present in their own facilities that are sited on military bases. For instance, Battelle has labs and offices located on premises at Dugway Proving Ground. This “cozy” arrangement further blurs the line between what is public and what is private. This “blurring” allows for the government to answer to no one and to conduct studies for which there is no public acknowledgement or accountability because they “run them through” private contractors. Interestingly, Battelle’s headquarters in Ohio are in close proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, long believed to be heavily involved in UFO related matters including the Roswell crash in New Mexico in 1947.

Sean Kirkpatrick is an example of how deep insiders within intelligence influence – or even infiltrate – the private sector. When hired by a contractor, they bring with them the knowledge that they acquired while in government service. Technical secrets held when they were with intelligence might now be selectively passed on through black budget contracts to cleared individuals with a need to know in order to perform their job.

Kirkpatrick’s experience is in “scientific and technical intelligence". In a defense agency context this means activities to include gaining actionable information on foreign materials and systems, and on anticipating an adversary’s future technical achievements. There must be a reason why a top former intelligence operative and government “UFO hunter” working all his life for the Defense Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, CIA and related agencies in areas such as foreign

Deep Insider.jpeg

materials and technology intelligence became affiliated with a National Lab that is overseen by a UFO-involved private sector company.


It may be because:


Research on extraterrestrial artifacts has been “artfully blended” with advanced military systems and materials research in an effort to obfuscate the true origin of the technology and to cover up funding of off-earth technology research. And of course any technologies derived from extraterrestrial debris would first be examined for potential military or aero applications, with other applications being secondary. Over the years, people like Kirkpatrick have been installed in labs, R&D and related facilities to guide and influence technical direction based on their special knowledge or prior experience.


If extraterrestrial debris came into the possession of the US government, the US National Laboratories would be ideal places to conduct such technical work. And if you have a private sector defense contractor like Battelle operating those Labs, you can conduct the work with impunity and with the utmost deniability.


Battelle’s reach is far wider than just the Oak Ridge National Lab. Battelle also exclusively oversees all facets of operation of Los Alamos National Lab, Brookhaven National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Idaho National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab and several specialized government laboratories. Some of these laboratories have long been suspected of involvement in secret UFO technology research. As Chief Technology Officer of Oak Ridge, Kirkpatrick communicates and coordinates regularly with these other Battelle-led National Labs.


The Department of Energy (DOE) funds Battelle to operate the technology programs at Oak Ridge which Kirkpatrick leads. The late Gov. Bill Richardson was the former Secretary of the DOE under President Bill Clinton. Richardson wrote the forward to a book titled “The Roswell Dig Diaries” by researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt. In it, he urged “the US government to reveal all that it knows” about the crash because it “has not been adequately explained” and that “the American people can handle the truth”, referring to the crash as “that fateful day in July 1947.” Richardson even mentioned Battelle-run Los Alamos in this context. According to a 2007 AP story, when Richardson was visiting the Texas corporate headquarters of Dell Computer, an employee, knowing Richardson’s New Mexico background, asked about the Roswell crash, Richardson stated: “When I was in Congress I said to the Department of Defense and Los Alamos, 'What is the data, what is the data you have?' I was told the records were 'classified'.” Richardson was aware of the importance of the National Labs (like where Kirkpatrick works) in finding answers to the UFO crash question.


As an intelligence disinformation operative, Kirkpatrick disparaged UFOs/UAPs when he was AARO Director, in an effort to influence public opinion. But as an expert in foreign science and technology, he quietly affiliated with an organization known to be UFO-involved. He is overseeing classified R&D work in biology, advanced materials, and energy sciences – the very technical areas that would be examined were a UFO to have crashed.

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