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Anthony Bragalia has long investigated the UFO phenomenon. 
From exposing one of the most famous UFO cases (Socorro) as a student prank, 
to finding the scientists involved in the study of the “memory metal” debris from the Roswell crash, 
his discoveries are always sure to be thought-provoking and even provocative.

He has contributed online articles that have appeared on numerous websites and blogs 
and discussed on forums worldwide over many years.

His work has been featured in books including Witness to Roswell, Inside the Real Area 51, 
and The Children of Roswell. 
Bragalia’s work has also been carried in print and online news media including,, Drudge Report, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Mirror,

American Military News, Nexus, and

Bragalia applies the research and interview skills he has honed 
as an executive search consultant for some of the world’s leading corporations 
in exploring the world of UFOs.

Original Research


Bragalia goes where others have not to find the truth about the UFO phenomena.

His unique perspectives yield discoveries that are often found through conducting first-ever interviews

and by conducting deep historical research and technical literature searches.

Independent Reporting

Free to call is as he sees it, his reports are bold and uncensored.

He is not affiliated with any organization and self-funds all of his investigative work.

UFO Explorations is a venue for posting Bragalia’s latest reports and revelations.

It also brings together nearly all of his past online articles in an indexed archive.

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