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This archive, indexed by subject area, brings together nearly all of Bragalia's articles since he began posting them online.

When a new article is published, the last posted article will be indexed and archived here.

Some articles include higher resolution images and updates or factual corrections if better data is received after publication.

All articles may be reproduced with permission and attribution.

2008 - Present


Roswell Debris Confirmed as Extraterrestrial: Lab Located, Scientists Named

Roswell Metal Scientist: The Curious Dr. Cross

The Final Secrets of Roswell's Memory Metal Revealed

Scientist Admits to Study of Roswell Crash Debris

Roswell, Battelle & Memory Metal: The New Revelations

Roswell's Memory Metal: The Air Force Comments, NASA Gets Involved and New Clues are Found

The Secret Experiments in Space with Roswell's Memory Metal


Famed Us Navy Captain- "I Tested The Roswell UFO Crash Debris"


Air Force Science Commander: More Roswell Debris Found 10 Year After the Crash

Roswell Memory Metal Found on Official Film of B-2 Stealth?


Alien Inscription: Have the Roswell UFO Debris Symbols Been Deciphered?


Captured WWII German Scientists Secretly Studied Crashed Roswell UFO

Roswell UFO Cannot Be Reverse Engineered, Defense Contractors Take Millions Knowing Task Is Impossible


The People Who Held Metal From Another World



Socorro UFO Hoax Exposed (Famous UFO Sighting Was a College Prank)


Socorro UFO Hoax Part 2: Getting Closer to the Culprits

Socorro UFO Hoax Part 3: Physical Evidence Points to a Prank

The Ultimate Secret of the Socorro UFO Hoax Finally Told

Archived College Photo Reveals How They Hoaxed the Socorro UFO


Socorro Solved? Update on Why Famous 1964 UFO-Cop Case was a Hoax


The Varginha Brazil ET: A Hoax Exposed

The UFOs that Never Were: Classic Photos Now Exposed as Fakes

Roswell Alien Slides: My Apology to a Dead Child of the Mesa Verde

The "Flying Humanoids" Mystery Solved

Maury Island No Longer a Mystery: A UFO Hoax Exposed

Famous JFK-Marilyn UFO Document is a Hoax

Make-Believe in McMinnville: Famous 1950 UFOs Faked?

Signals of a Hoax: UFOs and Radio Control

As High As a Kite: UFOs as Flying Playthings

"Majestic 12" Promoters Suppressed Study Proving UFO Crash Documents Are Hoaxes

"Flying People" Phenomenon is Fake--Secret Hoaxer Cabal Revealed

New Drones May Explain UFO "Orb" Sightings


Witness to Wanaque: The Greatest Mass UFO Sighting Never Told

Returning to Wanaque: Silence Broken on the Greatest Mass UFO Sighting in History


The Wonder at Wanaque: Is a 50 Year Old UFO Photo from New Jersey one of the Best Ever Taken?


UFO Researcher Demands Alien Metal Test Results from Government, Files Under Freedom of Information Act


Government Lies and Stalls on Freedom of Information Act Request on UFO Metals Analysis, Wants Over Two Years to Respond!


Pentagon Admits It Has UFO Debris, Releases Test Results


Pentagon in Crisis Over UFO Debris Disclosure, Weapons Programs Used as Cover for Studying Material


Pentagon's UFO Debris Study Manager Found, ET Connection Confirmed


Does the Pentagon Have UFO Debris? Claims To Be Investigated by Department of Defense Inspector General


Discovery of Strange Form of Atmospheric Life May Explain Some UFOs


Why All Government UFO Studies Are Shams–And Where the Real Investigation Is Done


Secret Military Plasma Technology May Explain Some UFOs

Former Rock Star on Rocky Ground, Uses UFOs To Advance His Fame and Fortune


Air Force Deceived and Threatened Child over UFOs


The Return of the Incredible Green Fireballs

The Nazi UFO Lie

The Myth of Man-Made Flying Saucers Exposed

The Fabrication of Alien Abduction: My Conversations with Dr. John Mack

UFOs and LSD: The Secret Connection

Einstein's Flying Saucer Secrets

The Lie About Aliens From the Inner Earth

UFO Posers and the "Mirage Men" Myth

UFOs and Vitamin C: Linus Pauling's Flying Saucer Secret


Opening the Door to the Blue Room Where UFO Debris is Hidden

US Army's Secret UFO Study: Some Are Interplanetary

Deep Secrets of a UFO Think Tank Exposed!


J. Edgar Hoover's Saucer Crash Secrets

Government Officials Caught on Tape: Extraterrestrials Walk Among Us!

Politicians Drop Hints: Roswell Was ET

The UFO Study You've Never Heard About But Should

US Navy Caught Monitoring UFO Websites

Secret US Intelligence Agency Holds UFO Answers

Was Obama Briefed on Roswell?


Is Some UFO Debris Dangerous to Touch? Contact With ET Metals May Cause Bizarre Physical Effects


Elderly Lady Beaten by NASA Agents for Her Moon Rock Warns: "The Government Would Kill Someone Who Had the Roswell UFO Metal"


The US Navy's Saucer Secrets Exposed


Religious Fanatics in Government, Believing ET are Demons, Hinder Official UFO Studies and Oust Manager 

UFO Recovery and Technology Transfer Revealed in New US Intelligence Document


Roswell Drove Them Mad


Scientists Who Studied Roswell UFO Crash Debris and Bodies Named


US Chief Medical Examiner: Alien Specimens from UFO Crash Held at Walter Reed


Was the US Government Scammed for $1 Million by a Company Claiming to Have UFO Debris?


Does Russia Know What Really Happened at Roswell? Red Spies Investigated UFO Crash, Says Soviet Scientist


A Roswell Spy Exposed: General's Son Monitored UFO Crash Witnesses

Einstein's Secret Trip to View Roswell UFO Revealed in Taped Confession


Alien Shock: When Roswell Family Secrets are Revealed


What Trump Really Knows About Roswell


Roswell Officer Speaks From The Grave! Video Released, Confesses That Alien Was "The Size Of a 10 Year Old"


Roswell Officer Speaks from the Grave: Taped Confession of ET Recovery Revealed

The Children Who Bore Witness to Roswell: Their Tragic Stories Finally Revealed

The Roswell Concealment

Roswell and the Quest for Physical Evidence

Roswell Fireman Confesses: "It Was a Flying Saucer"

Roswell Was an ET Event Confessed 4-Star General

CIA Claims 1947 Budget Records Are Missing: Is Roswell the Reason?

Remote Viewing Roswell: Can Psychics Reveal Crash Details?

Balloon Scientist Colluded With Air Force on Roswell Crash Explanation

Lie Detector Confirms: Key Roswell UFO Crash Witness Told the Truth

Denial of Service: The Vets Who Pretend They Weren't At Roswell

Classified Document Confirms: Father of Nuclear Medicine & Air Force’s Medical Chief Discussed 1940s Flying Saucer Crash

Roswell Alcoholics: The Alien Anguish

How the Roswell Crash Happened

A Sheriff's Dark Roswell Secret


The Roswell Artifacts: How They Hide the Evidence


On the Trail of the Roswell Debris & Bodies: Where Are They Now?

Roswell Crash Debris Guard: "I Was Ordered To Shoot To Kill"

Roswell Base Photographers: Their Crash Secrets Revealed

Is This Where the Alien Bodies Are Stored? The Secrets of a Place Called Dugway

Roswell Crash Revelations from the Foster Ranch

The General's Widow: A Roswell Tell-All

Roswell Crash Talk Before All The Hoopla

Of Roswell and Rockets: The Secret V-2 Flying Saucer Film

Renowned US Navy Commander Reveals Stunning Roswell Crash Secret

The Reverend at Roswell: A Chaplain at the Crash

Area 51 Book Exposed: Source for Roswell Story Named and Interviewed!

Famous LIFE Photographer's Roswell Crash Revelation

The Roswell Undertaker's Secret Revealed

The Other Roswell Crash: The Secret of the Plains Revealed

Why ET Did Not Retrieve At Roswell

The Roswell Liars

Military Base Firemen: "We Retrieved ET at Roswell"

AF Roswell Study Contributor Admits, "It Was ET!"


Former Press Secretary Dana Perino's Roswell Crash Confession

My Father Murdered Roswell UFO Witnesses, Says Daughter of WW II Hero


Roswell and Wright: The New Revelations


The Last Witnesses To Roswell - Their Startling Stories Told For The First Time


Deception and Disappointment: Was 2023 the Worst Year Ever for UFOs?


UFOs and Their Secret Connection to Climate Crisis Revealed


Flying Saucers and the Descent Into Madness

Aliens and Future Shock: Why They Don't Make Contact

The Word of God: Extraterrestrials Are Real

The Seedy Side of Saucers

Why You Can't Handle It: The Human Response to Meeting ET


The Civilized Alien


Why ET Has To Be Humanoid

Why ET Doesn't Want to Meet Us

UFOs and States of Matter

The Roswell Pilgrimage


Stalked by a Saucer Skeptic

Trump to Extraterrestrials: We Don't Want You!


The Extraterrestrial and COVID-19: Can Aliens Infect Us?

Is COVID Killing the Paranormal?

What President Biden Really Knows about UFOs

UFO Fads: Whatever Happened To Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, Alien Abductions and Angel Hair?

UFOs and Mushrooms--Trips to Inner and Outer Space

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