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(Originally published Dec 2017)

Memory metal

This author has this week filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with five U.S. Department of Defense agencies for the release of test results on UFO alloys that have been reported by The New York Times to be in the possession of the United States government.


Stunning the world, the Times, in a front page article in its December 17th 2017 edition by a three-person investigative team, disclosed the existence of the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program" of the US Pentagon. The program, whose acknowledged run was from 2009-2012, yielded military radar reports, gun camera footage, and detailed sightings reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), formerly referred to as UFOs. The program's director, intelligence official Luis Elizondo, also confirmed the existence of contracts to Bigelow Aerospace for the construction modification of facilities in Las Vegas, NV to house strange metal-like materials recovered by military personnel as UFO residue, flotsam, shot-off pieces, or crash items.


This admission to the retrieval of UFO debris by the US military is historic. Details are scant on the precise nature of the material. But New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal, when pressed for details by MSNBC earlier this week, replied: "They have, as we reported, some material from these objects that is being studied so that scientists can find what accounts for their amazing's some kind of compound that they don't recognize."


In order to find and flesh out details on the debris, this author is compelling several agencies to reveal all that they know about these possible alien alloys.


FOIA requests were filed with the:


Office of the Secretary and Joint Staff (Jim Hogan, FOIA Public Liaison)

Defense Intelligence Agency (Alesia Williams, FOIA Public Liaison)

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (Pamela Andrews, FOIA Public Liaison)

Department of the Air Force (Joanne Collins (FOIA Public Liaison)

Defense Contract Management Agency (Karen O'Neal, FOIA Public Liaison)


The FOIA request seeks to have these agencies provide all inventory documents on all recovered alloys. As noted in the request, such documentation should include:

  • Physical description of all held material

  • Source of origin of all held material

  • Circumstance and method of obtainment of all held material

  • Custodian US government agency of all held material

  • The titles and authors of all technical and analytical reports conducted on all held material

  • Names of private contractors to the US government engaged in the storage and study of all held material

  • Test results on UAP recovered material, to include the physical properties, chemical and elemental composition, and determination of the material as terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin


Curiously, the award of the contract to build facilities to hold the unusual alloys went to Bigelow Aerospace, whose CEO Robert Bigelow is a multibillionaire and former hotelier. Mr. Bigelow also has a keen interest in UFOs and things extraterrestrial. He has funded private research, and he is well-connected enough to count Senator Harry Reid (involved in oversight of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Program) as a confidante. This author wonders why Bigelow, with no previous classified construction experience, won the facility contract? Other firms that are global Fortune 500s have far more experience and proven expertise in the design/build of military and intelligence facilities and whose clients include the NSA, the NRO and the CIA. These companies include AECOM ( and similar infrastructure companies.  This author has filed a separate FOIA to the Defense Contract Management Agency to determine the names of all firms that bid on the contract, the terms of the contract (to include the specific nature and scope of the project), the bid amounts and qualifications packages submitted of all competing firms, as well as their primary contact person, and whether or not Robert Bigelow personally holds Top Secret clearance (which is needed to perform such contracts).


Such material evidence as UFO crash debris has long held interest. Articles relating to the study of ET "memory metal" reported to have been retrieved at Roswell can be found on this website, in the article archive section under the heading, "The Study of the Roswell Memory Metal".


This author will keep readers apprised of the results of the FOIA requests, and this author is willing and able to sue the US government if the FOIA requests are denied.

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