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May 2018



The late Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., MD was witness to some of the Roswell UFO crash debris as a youngster. His father, Major Jesse Marcel, was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947 when directed to investigate a large field of strange, strewn material, fallen from the sky to the desert floor, on a ranch north of town. It was so interesting that he absconded with a bit of the material and brought it home for his family to see. Skeptics often miss this simple, important detail. If the debris were so “mundane” (like balsa sticks and balloons) as they contend, then why would Marcel essentially steal material evidence that he was directed to investigate, taking some of it back to his 12 year old son Jesse Jr. and wife Viaud, so that they too could see how unusual it was?


Jesse Marcel Jr. was a noted ear, nose and throat doctor, and was at one time a military flight surgeon. In 1989, Dr. Marcel drew the symbols just as he so vividly remembered them, the “hieroglyphic” figures found on some of the debris. The figures were embossed on an 18 inch fragment of a metal-like “I-beam” structure. The symbols were of a violet-purplish metallic hue and were about ¼ to ½ inch tall. When Marcel Jr. showed his drawing of what he remembered the debris symbols looked like to his mother, she concurred that they were her recollection as well. So unique was the material and the characters on it, that Marcel Jr. was able to recall and recreate them decades later.

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

In Jesse Jr.’s memoir Roswell: It Really Happened, he mentions that in 2005 he engaged Professor Roger Weir, formerly of University of California at Berkeley, to analyze the symbols. Weir concluded that the construction of the symbols was consistent with an essentially “technical communication” purpose of some kind. He believed that the complexity and volume of information contained in the glyphs ruled out counterfeiting or being a product of imagination, and strongly supported their authenticity.


Weir discerned features in the glyphs that are similar to “magnetic fields” and speculated that these may bear a relationship to the navigation guidance system in some way. An analogy may be the type of electromagnetic fields used on earth to guide a safe landing.




Weir may well have been on the right path.


Some years ago, the late blogger and author Mac Tonnies made passing mention in a brief post on his blog of a general similarity that he had noticed between the Roswell debris symbols and a diagram of electron clouds that he had seen. An “electron cloud” describes the area of probability where electrons are located around the nucleus of an atom. Tonnies had read a book on quantum physics titled The Dancing Wu Li Masters which included technical illustrations that reflect the various forms taken by electron clouds. It was then that Tonnies made the connection to these clouds and the Roswell symbols.




Pseudonymous blogger “The Wanderling”, in a short post buried on an obscure website, notes the connection as well and says that the mathematical physicist Dr. Milo Wolff offers a better illustration of these electron clouds. And by closely examining these illustrations, we see correlations between specific Roswell glyphs and specific forms of electron cloud formations:


1*****2***** 3**** 4**** 5**** 6**** 7**** 8**** 9**** 10****


By using the ten symbols drawn by Dr. Marcel that are shown above, and numbering them 1-10, left to right, one begins to see the Roswell Symbol - Electron Cloud correlation.


Roswell I-beam symbols #1, #4 and #5 are very much like electron cloud figures L-1 and M-1, as shown in the diagrams above.


In addition, #8 is strikingly like L-2.


Although not totally identical, but likely caught in a transitional stage, #3 and #6 have resemblance to L-3.


Together, Weir, Tonnies and “The Wanderling” help inform my view, which is:


Electron clouds are by their essence ever moving, exhibiting different electron “states.” Their truer nature is oscillating and more amorphous as shown here:



The alien likely designs, engineers and builds at the subatomic level. Perhaps the symbols relate to electromagnetic fields used in the propulsion, navigation and/or control system of the craft and their technical correspondence to specific transitional states of oscillation of the electron cloud. In fact, the frequency and wavelength of electromagnetic radiation depends on the frequency of the oscillating electron cloud.


To fly, the alien somehow “taps into” a fundamental constituent of matter, the electron. It utilizes this smaller-than-an-atom, electrically charged particle (and its cloud) to help get from here to there. The alien manipulates electromagnetic fields to traverse the Earth with precision by following exacting instructions. And the symbols that Dr. Marcel recalled were from a “sign” located within the craft that communicated to navigators instructions that must always be followed to control the craft. If not followed, that craft will come to grief. Just like the one that crashed on a New Mexico desert floor in early July of 1947.


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