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(originally published Nov 2011)


The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit is an advanced military aircraft that has unique capabilities that are far-ranging.  Introduced in 1997 (with an alleged first flight in 1989), there are just 22 of them in the world. They  incorporate low observable stealth technology. Some have speculated that they may even utilize anti-gravity technologies or that they possess other exotic features that are kept from public view.


But it may not always be possible to keep such features from outside detection.  One officially released film of the B-2 Bomber in flight that is very “revealing” may have somehow escaped the scrutiny of US Air Force censors.  A recently-discovered segment of this video appears to show another of the B-2 Stealth’s capabilities:  The ability to Morph.


This brief clip seems to demonstrate the craft’s “morph” of the metal skin of its outer hull. This would allow it  to “intelligently” perform critical functions (and perhaps to “self-heal” if damaged by enemy action.)




The remarkable film shown below comes from a broadcast by the Military Channel. The Military Channel is a distinguished specialty cable station that is owned by the media corporation that also owns the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet (as well as the  “How Stuff Works” video series.) Started in 1999, the Military Channel is known to maintain a cooperative relationship with historical societies and with the US Government in obtaining original footage that relates to the military, warfare and military history. The “legitimacy” of their programming and the authenticity of their broadcast information is without question.


Re-broadcast on YouTube, the footage is entitled “B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber” and simply shows views of the Stealth on the ground and in flight from various angles for about 4 minutes. It is a “PR” film.  But despite its garnering over 1,800,000 views, nobody appears to have made any mention in the “comments” section about the morphing metal hull.



This film is 3:51 in length. Viewing the entire film, it becomes rather evident that it is a USAF-issued video.


At approximately the 2:40 mark (and for a duration of about three seconds) one can clearly observe a “gap” or “opening” on the topside front of the craft that seems to “self-close” in a seamless and almost surreal way. If one looks very closely it appears as though the skin of the craft is “self-directed” and “intelligent” as if it were “remembering” its original shape, like Roswell’s memory metal or a Nitinol actuator!


Of course I am not taking a definitive stance on the true nature of this phenomenon as  revealed on this video.  It could well be that there is some sort of “perception bias” or that it is a “trick of the light.”


Thoughts from others are welcome on what they think about this enigmatic footage. And thanks are extended to Gilles Fernandez, Philippe from Lille, France and to Rich Reynolds for their keen observations and insight.

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