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(Originally published May 2021)


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More than a decade and a half after his death - and seen only privately until now - a video has surfaced of the Press Officer for Roswell Army Air Field in July 1947. In it, former 1st Lt. Walter Haut recalls his encounter with an unearthly craft as well as an alien stored by military that was found lifeless at the UFO crash site in the New Mexico desert. The sight of the alien body had remained emblazoned in his mind some half-century later. Haut's gaze into space as he describes the body from space is something we can now see and hear for ourselves. Walter was the man who drafted the military's original press release on the crash of a flying disc at a Roswell-area ranch, making international news. As a primary witness to the incident at Roswell, he has left us a recorded clue to the truth for which we are eternally grateful. Here is the stunning video clip, shown publicly for the first time:



Now, with the release of this video, we can observe Haut while we listen to him explain what he saw that lay out in front of him that Summer in 1947. This video clip is part of a memoir video / oral history over two hours in length that covers many personal and professional aspects of Haut's life. The video was taken at the Roswell Museum in 2000 with friends Dennis Balthaser and Wendy Connors. Haut states that the alien body was relatively small, the size of a 10 or 11 year old child. It had apparently suffered injuries. He also discusses other details of his experience, including describing the craft and its size.


Further, the "godfather" of Voice Stress Analysis technology, after examination of the video, has concluded that Walter Haut is telling the truth!


Walter Haut, enhanced with Photos, fourt
1st Lt. Walter Haut, 1947

Haut was a decorated bombardier against Japan during WWII, with 35 missions behind him. Afterwards he was assigned to Roswell. When first contacted by researchers in the 1980s, he claimed that his role was relatively minor. But he did say that there was not a chance that senior officers who had seen the recovered material (including his close friend Base Commander "Butch" Blanchard) could have mistaken a balloon for a flying disc, as the Army Air Force had almost immediately claimed after further investigation.


However, in the early 2000s, Haut opened up considerably more. After years of hesitating and vacillating to tell all that he really knew, he signed a notarized statement that included all the details of an extraterrestrial event. Haut did this with the understanding that it would not be released publicly until after his death, which was in 2005. When it was made public, what Haut said caught major media interest at the time. In the affidavit, Haut attested that the whole crash event had nothing to do with a balloon. In fact, he himself had viewed the mysterious wreckage and the craft in a hangar. In a meeting later, he had handled some of the strange debris with select base officers and higher-ups. He even discussed deceased alien beings. At right is a link to the Walter Haut affidavit, made in 2002:

Statement of Walter Haut
Haut 2002 affidavit


Sentences in Haut's videotaped testimony that mention the alien body were placed through a Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) process. VSA technology attempts to quantify frequency changes in the subject's responses and then analyzes voice markers in the spoken voice of the person being tested. As the subject speaks, the computer displays each voice pattern and numbers it. At the end of the evaluation, an algorithm is utilized to provide insights on what was said.

VSA was applied to key audio of Walter's testimony from the videotape by Baker Group International's CEO Jerry Baker. Baker was an early pioneer in VSA development and continues to be acknowledged as a world expert

Baker VSA, bigger.jpeg

in the field. Specifically, Haut's voice was analyzed at the point in the conversation where he makes mention of a recovered alien. Baker used Digital VSA format. Baker sums up his conclusion of Haut's videotaped testimony in this way: "My DVSA analysis of key portions of the Haut interview confirms that he did believe he was telling the truth about what he recalled about the ET in question. The portions that I was able to use did confirm credibility." The emotion brought on within Walter when discussing this is visible and clearly stirred feelings of unease.


Walter Haut's "coping mechanism" to having witnessed the debris, the craft, and the small strange body that day was to say only a little about the incident - even though he knew a lot. It took him time to tell the whole story, but thankfully in the winter of his life, he finally did. Haut had met his obligation to history and recognized his ultimate service in telling his truth to the world.


(Deep thanks are extended to veteran UFO researchers Dennis Balthaser and Wendy Connors for helping to secure and release the Haut video. Thanks also to authors Donald Schmitt and Tom Carey for their roles in facilitating this video disclosure.)

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