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(originally published May 2014)


A physicist and meteorologist who was interviewed as part of the Roswell UFO crash investigation conducted by the US Air Force may have had far more influence and knowledge about the matter than has ever been realized. Rather than simply being one among many that were interviewed for the Air Force investigation (resulting in two official debunking reports issued in the 1990s), the scientist may have played an ongoing and far more secret role in forming the reports’ conclusions.


  • It is now known that the scientist, Charles B. Moore (who spent his last years trying to debunk Roswell), was lying when he denied that he did not know the codename (Mogul) used by the military for his work on classified Air Force sponsored balloon-borne radiation detection research. It was an unaccounted for, crashed Mogul balloon train that was proffered as the Air Force’s explanation for the reports of a crashed UFO near Roswell, NM in July 1947. The details on this deception are recounted below.


  • And this author has recently discovered passages from a previously ignored interview with Moore conducted twenty five years ago that appears in a little-mentioned Roswell book from the UK. This never-before-discussed interview provides unquestionable proof that Moore knew what the Air Force’s Roswell investigation’s conclusions would be before anyone else.  Moore knew that the Air Force was going to address the issue of strange bodies found at the site in a then yet-to-be published report.  Incredibly, he was made aware of what the Air Force’s explanation would be years before the public was told of the ”aliens as crash test dummies” explanation and well before any official report on the matter was ever issued.



Tim Shawcross is the author of books including Men of Honour and The War Against the Mafia. His has experience in British television as a series editor, director and producer. He has worked for the BBC, Granada Television, Thames Television and UK’s Channel Four on programming including This Week, Secret History and Panorama. His documentaries include Mountbatten and Chernobyl: The Inside Story.

Shawcross indicates that in 1994, while researching the Roswell crash, he had an opportunity to interview Charles Moore at length about subjects including balloons and the crash. Shawcross wrote

Charles Moore and balloon, 1940s

in his book The Roswell File something that was very revealing. Completed the year before the release of the second Air Force Roswell study, The Roswell Report: Case Closed (in which crash test dummies dropped from the skies were said to account for the ‘alien bodies’ found on the desert floor), Shawcross relates:


“I interviewed Charles Moore and asked his reaction to the fact that many people had reported accounts of ‘dead aliens’. (Moore responded) ‘True –people reported…but that I think is another story, and something there may be more on later, but it had nothing to do with what we were flying.’"  (Note: the two had earlier been discussing the possibility of the crash resulting from a secret experimental plane.) 


"When I telephoned him from the UK some weeks later and asked whether he could give me any further information on what he meant by that somewhat cryptic remark, he responded by saying that he had been in touch with the Pentagon and that we should expect in 1995 or 1996 another announcement from the Air Force which would contain more details, in the form of an entirely new report. This would finally explain all the accounts of strange bodies at Roswell.


"As I continued to press him, Moore became increasingly agitated, saying that he had already said more than he should, and he then ended the conversation rather abruptly. When I telephoned him again, he was even more curt and he seemed  distinctly worried that he had mentioned to me as much as he had.”


Shawcross then notes, on page 165 of his book, “no second Air Force report has yet emerged.” Still, Shawcross seemed confident that Moore had foreknowledge that one would be produced. And indeed one was, just as Moore had predicted!

Aerial test dummy

That is to say:


At least three years before the anthropomorphic “crash test dummies” explanation was offered to the public to account for what the Roswell witnesses really saw and misconstrued as alien bodies, Charles Moore had already been apprised by the Pentagon that the body issue would be “dealt with.” It would come out, he said, in an all-new, second Air Force report that would be released in the next two years or so. At the time of the writing and completion of Shawcross’s The Roswell File book, the Air Force had yet to even indicate that they would be putting forth a second report on the crash. Moore knew in 1994 what would only become “known” in 1997!


There is only one reason that Moore would have known years before what the Air Force would tell the public about bodies. He was colluding with the Air Force since the very beginning in creating viable alternate explanations for both the crash materials and bodies. It is strikingly clear from what has been found in Shawcross’ book that Moore maintained high-level contacts at the Pentagon and that he was being kept apprised of the government’s Roswell investigation as it was occurring. It is likely that rather than just having been an interviewee for the Air Force’s inquiry, Moore was  actively collaborating with the Pentagon to develop false explanations and conclusions about the Roswell crash.

In reviewing his interview with Moore some weeks previous, Shawcross felt compelled to contact Moore again about Moore’s enigmatic remarks and prediction of a new Roswell Air Force report. The elderly Moore seemed horrified at himself that he had “slipped up” and had said too much to Shawcross. The implications of what he had related to Shawcross had suddenly dawned on him. And Moore, a man who had previously been very cordial and cooperative, suddenly had become flustered and abrupt with him. He knew that Shawcross’ next questions would invariably have been: “Why is the Pentagon privately keeping you informed about their Roswell work? What is your real role with them and Roswell?”


We must also wonder:  Was Moore receiving direction from the Pentagon as a pawn? Or was he providing advice to them as an expert? Or both? Did Moore hold Top Secret clearance levels that made his utility to the Air Force easier to access? It is likely. As a life-long researcher and Professor in Atmospheric Science and related disciplines, Moore was affiliated with universities including the Atmospheric Department at New Mexico Tech. A portion of his work throughout his life was sponsored research. This work was sometimes classified and military and government contracted.


Charles Moore
with a Mogul reflector

Over the years various accusations have been levied against Moore by researchers. Among them is that Moore’s Mogul balloon trajectory premise was false or at best disingenuous. But there is something Moore said which can only be construed as a falsehood:


For years Moore had maintained to researchers that he was entirely unaware of the codename used by the military for a balloon radiation detection system to be used over the Soviet Union that he had helped to test and implement. This was Project Mogul. He insisted that it was not until 1992 that he was made aware of the actual name of the project by the late researcher Robert Todd.


However, pioneering investigator Brad Sparks proved this untrue some seven years ago. Sparks wrote:


“Moore claims that he never even knew the supersecret "MOGUL" project codename while he himself worked in MOGUL in the late 40's, had no idea there was a MOGUL codename for what he had been doing until Bob Todd contacted him and revealed it to him in 1992 or thereabouts.  Moore uses this bullshit story to support his claim that MOGUL was so compartmented and supersecret in 1947 that that helps explain why it took so long to come up with the MOGUL balloon explanation for Roswell, and how Roswell 509th would know nothing about MOGUL, how other activities at White Sands would have known nothing of MOGUL, etc.

In fact this is just another of Moore's bold-faced lies through his teeth:  Moore had in his own files a May 12, 1949, letter from White Sands PIO and Navy Unit commander, Cdr. Mclaughlin, to Dr. James Van Allen, discussing how CHARLES B. MOORE HAD BEEN IN CHARGE OF "PROJECT MOGUL" there at White Sands.  Moore had this letter in his own files all along and had even shared a copy with McDonald back in 1968!!” (Dr. James McDonald was a Moore associate and atmospheric scientist.)


Here is a link to the incriminating letter, found on researcher David Rudiak’s website:




When we combine Moore’s ongoing relationship with the Pentagon regarding Roswell (and his knowledge years before of a report to deal with the bodies), with his known deceptions, we must now discount entirely his value in having provided any forthright answers to what really happened at Roswell. Moore passed in 2010. Some say that we should not speak ill of the dead.  But we must speak the truth about them. And the truth is that Charles “CB” Moore knew much more. For the Pentagon to keep Moore abreast of what none of us would learn until years later is telling. The Air Force wanted both a stooge and someone who could actively help to create revisionist history about Roswell. They found both in a man named Moore.

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