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Stunning mention of recovered UFOs and exploitation of their technology by the United States government has been found buried within a newly issued official congressional intelligence document. The US National Laboratories and private industry are implicated as beneficiaries of such retrieved technology. Further, the time period discussed encompasses 1947 (the year of the Roswell UFO crash) to the present day.


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Adam Schiff
Intelligence Committee Chair


The statements were located in the massive 2023 US House Intelligence Authorization Act document that was authored by select members of Congress cleared and chosen to sit on The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (also called The House Intelligence Committee).


Chaired by Adam Schiff (D-CA), the House Intelligence Committee oversees the nation's intelligence agencies including components of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, State, Treasury and Energy.


The document addresses tracking “unidentified aerospace / undersea phenomena” and refers explicitly to “efforts to recover or transfer related technologies to United States industry or National Laboratories.”

Below are relevant excerpts from the document (with key sentences highlighted in red underline) from “The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) H. Rept. 117-546 - INTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2023” :

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  (a) Compilation Required.--Not later than 1 year after the date of

the enactment of this Act, the Comptroller General of the United States


  (1) commence a review of the records and documents of the

intelligence community, oral history interviews, open source

analytic analysis, interviews of current and former government

officials, classified and unclassified national archives

(including those records any third party obtained pursuant to

section 552 of title 5, United States Code (commonly known as

the ``Freedom of Information Act'' or ``FOIA'')), and such

other relevant historical sources as the Comptroller General

considers appropriate; and

  (2) for the period beginning on January 1, 1947, and ending

on the date on which the Comptroller General completes

activities under this subsection, compile and itemize a

complete historical record of the intelligence community's

involvement with unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena,

including successful or unsuccessful efforts to identify and

track unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena, efforts to

recover or transfer related technologies to United States-based

industry or National Laboratories, and any intelligence

community efforts to obfuscate, manipulate public opinion,

hide, or otherwise provide unclassified or classified

misinformation about unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena

or related activities, based on the review conducted under

paragraph (1).

  (b) Report.--

  (1) In general.--Not later than 180 days after the date on

which the Comptroller General completes the compilation and

itemization required by subsection (a)(2), the Comptroller

General shall submit to Congress a report summarizing the

historical record described in such subsection.

  (2) Resources.--The report submitted under paragraph (1)

shall include citations to the resources relied upon and

instructions as to how the resources can be accessed.

  (3) Form.--The report submitted under paragraph (1) shall be

submitted in unclassified form, but may include a classified

annex as necessary.

  (c) Cooperation of Intelligence Community.--The heads of elements of

the intelligence community whose participation the Comptroller General

determines necessary to carry out subsections (a) and (b), including

the Director of National Intelligence, the Under Secretary of Defense

for Intelligence and Security, and the Director of the Unidentified

Aerospace Undersea Phenomena Joint Program Office, shall fully

cooperate with the Comptroller General and provide to the Comptroller

General such information as the Comptroller General determines

necessary to carry out such subsections.

  (d) Access to Records of the National Archives and Records

Administration.--The Archivist of the United States shall make

available to the Comptroller General such information maintained by the

National Archives and Records Administration, including classified

information, as the Comptroller General considers necessary to carry

out subsections (a) and (b).

The entire document can be accessed from this link:



The inclusion in the intelligence document of statements about UFOs and the recovery and transfer of their associated technology shows that the issue is a real and serious matter. They do not appear to be speculating about a “possibility” but are in fact acknowledging such things and that these things require action, including a demand for all records related to the subject.


To direct the Comptroller General of the United States to action on recovered UFO technology would not be something done based on rumor. Such intelligence matters are focused on facts, not wishful thinking or personal interest. The review the Comptroller is being directed to conduct expends time, incurs expense and requires cleared personnel.


Anticipating that some issues may be so secret as to relate to national security, the document references the use of “a classified annex as necessary” in communicating about the issue.


The US Air Force report on Roswell in the 1990s states that the crashed object was terrestrial and resulted from a downed spy balloon. And the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence told Congress in May 2022 when testifying about UFO debris that “we have no material.”


The Intelligence Committee, in defiance of the Air Force and Navy’s public statements, clearly believes otherwise. If they believed the military’s denial of possessing UFO material, why would they discuss the exploitation of such material by US companies and laboratories?


What does the Intelligence Committee know about the recovery and transfer of UFO technology that the Air Force and Navy do not?  Why would the intelligence document even mention such a thing if it were already officially determined by the US government to be a settled matter?


The document speaks to unknown recovered technology and its transference to national labs and the private sector, likely defense contractors. The obvious purpose would be for analysis, duplication and exploitation of these exotic technologies and materials.




The document does not specify what information has been acquired by the Intelligence Committee to motivate them to include the issue in the document. Nor does it address 1) where the UFO/UAP crash recoveries occurred 2) when they occurred or 3) what the precise nature is of these recovered technologies.


We also do not know if the items recovered from these unidentified aerial phenomena are of shot-off material, residue or flotsam from a UFO, or of an intact or damaged crashed vehicle.


If it was not merely debris but rather a vehicle that was recovered, was it piloted? The Intelligence Committee speaks of “technology” but not of biology. Is this the part of the congressional intelligence inquiry that would be part of the “classified annex” mentioned in the document?


Because of the purpose of the document (which relates to Intelligence directives and resources) it is not surprising that such details are not included. It is not a science or history document. However. given that Committee members hold Top Secret/SCI clearance, some may indeed be privy to some of this information depending on their need to know.



The document’s mention of transferring technology from recovered UFOs to our National Labs and to private industry is important. That is because eight of the U.S. National Laboratories are fully contract operated by private sector defense contractor Battelle Memorial Institute, headquartered near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Battelle is confirmed to have generated UFO studies for the government (including statistical studies for Project Bluebook) and is suspected to have been engaged in materials analysis for Wright of the Roswell UFO crash “memory metal” debris (see the

Battelle Memorial.jpg
Battelle Memorial Institute

Article Archive at under “The Study of the Roswell Memory Metal” section).


The document’s reference to involvement by “industry or National Laboratories” indicates that the Intelligence Committee is aware of their significance as it relates to UFO study.


In an interview in the 1990s, the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, MIT graduate, astronaut and sixth man to walk on the Moon, stated of technology from UFO wreckage: “It is in the hands of individuals--formerly government, formerly perhaps intelligence, now under private sector control with some sort of oversight by military or by government.”  This precisely describes companies such as Battelle. Additionally, such defense contractors are not subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, insulating themselves in ways that government cannot. National Labs under Battelle’s control include Los Alamos, Brookhaven, and Oak Ridge. Aerospace defense contractors who have been implicated include Lockheed Martin and their super-secret “Skunk Works” division.


In 1997 the US Air Force, through Captain James McAndrew, issued its explanation that the Roswell UFO crash incident was that of a Project Mogul spy balloon train in its “Roswell Report: Case Closed”. This author contacted Captain McAndrew and asked him why his Roswell investigation did not include the US National Labs to examine the possibility of scientific exploitation of retrieved crash items. He replied that the US National Labs and private industry were not part of the investigation because they would only be involved if the crash was of an extraterrestrial vehicle, which, he maintains to this day, was not the case. The House Intelligence Committee thinks differently and mentions that the National Laboratories and private industry are exactly who are involved in work with such crash debris.




Efforts to directly contact key majority members of the Intelligence Committee that generated this document have been unsuccessful. However, one congressional aide to a committee member did say of the document that she “could not comment on the justification for inclusion of any items, or the meaning or interpretation of any items”, adding that is “within the purview of committee members and the Comptroller General.”


Because the committee’s authorization act for intelligence activities for the 2023 fiscal year is directed to the US Comptroller General, attempts are being made to contact this office to learn more. The Comptroller General directs accounting for the United States and directs government accountability activities through its Government Accountability Office (GAO).




This document demonstrates that some members of the Intelligence Committee have some level of awareness of the reality of retrieved physical UFO evidence. It is inconceivable that discussion of UFO/UAP recovery and technology transfer would be included within an Intelligence Authorization Act unless these committee members had very good reason to do so.


The immense document addresses hundreds of intelligence issues from war and rumors of war to cybersecurity threats. For it to contain mention of UFOs, recovered technology and technology transfer, the year 1947 (and the use of a classified annex to communicate about the matter) alongside very pressing world issues is remarkable. It shows that the matter of intrusion in our skies and seas by technologies not made by man is an intelligence matter of utmost priority.

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