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(originally published Jan 2012)



In researching the UFO crash near Roswell in 1947, sometimes we find that the denials of involvement are more revealing than the testimony that is garnered from those who confirm their knowledge or participation.  Recent interviews with US Army Air Force veterans show that some military men (who would otherwise be proud of their service) will even go to the incredible length of completely denying that they had ever even served at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947, despite irrefutable evidence that they indeed had been stationed there.


Though now in their 80s, the vets contacted and mentioned in this article were articulate and clear-headed.  Their outright refusal to acknowledge their service at the base at that time is not a matter of “lapsed memory” nor of a  “confusion of dates.” It is rather an intentional disavowal. What would make these men, in the winter of their lives, lie about such a thing? Why would a veteran deny what he was a veteran of?


The answer may be found in a closer examination of the specific units at Roswell to which these men were attached at that time. It is then that we understand why these men choose not to remember what they would rather forget: the sight of strange remnants of a sky-fallen craft and its alien pilots.    




Members of a recently formed Roswell crash research team (which includes this author) have been working on tracking down and interviewing what may now be the very last of the surviving service men at Roswell in 1947. Working from a list of names, ranks and phone numbers assembled by Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, we have been feverishly and systematically contacting these veterans to see if they can offer any insight into the crash event from 65 years ago.


There is now a “sense of urgency” like never before, because it is realized that the opportunity to ever again reach these potential witnesses is a “closing window” because all  of them are now at least 83 years of age or older. This is why some researchers liken this pursuit of potential first-hand military witnesses to “chasing the undertaker.”  And this is why it is now vital to try to elicit any new information that can be gained from speaking to these individuals. If not done very soon,  the ability to do so will be lost forever. Time is now truly of the essence. And that is why it is so frustrating when some of these individuals are not only uncooperative – but wholly deny they were ever servicemen at Roswell to begin with.



The following two examples are illustrative of this “denial of Roswell service.”  Both of these individuals (whose last names are omitted to maintain their rightful privacy) were confirmed to have been stationed at Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) including during the entire month of July, 1947.  They are clearly pictured in the 1947 Roswell Base Yearbook with accompanying information on the unit in which they served and other details.  Following are summary notes on the interviews of these deniers:


Robert E. ___

Geneva, PA

(With the 1st Air Transport Unit)

January 3, 2012:

Hear No Evil

Denies being the Robert E. ____ associated with the Roswell Army Air Field. Pleasant but guarded.  Offered that he was with the Army Air Force in 1946.  When I said “How about in 1947?” he replied “Maybe for four months in 1947.”


I said “Were you stationed at Roswell?” He said, “No.” I replied “In New Mexico?” again, “No.” I asked then “Where?” to which he said, “Not there.”  “Have you ever heard of Roger Ramey (a General of Roswell incident fame)?” to which he said, “No.”


I asked if he was familiar with the crash near Roswell that year. He said “No.” I clarified, “A crash of extraterrestrial beings?...” He then said, “Oh, yes, on TV, yes.”


I then said that it was an amazing coincidence that his name is the exact same name of another gentleman who was confirmed to have been at Roswell Army Air Field during the same time that he was in the Army Air Force. He said, “Yes it is.” I then thanked him for his time and hung up. (I will add here that Robert E.’s surname is so unusual that there are less than 20 sharing the same last name in the entire United States.)


Albert O. ____

Lincoln, NE

(With the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron)

January 3, 2012:


First got his wife who was very curious about my call. She understandably asked why I was calling. I mentioned the research of military history and the year 1947.  Almost panicky, she immediately shot back, “I wasn’t married to him then so I don’t know anything.”  Anything about what? I wondered to myself. The woman protested too much about something I had not yet even mentioned! She said that her husband Albert was not available and requested that I call him back in a few hours, which I did.


Albert denied being at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947. He said that he was there in 1946 and then was “sent to Alaska.”  I asked him if he was with the 603rd. He said, “I don’t even recall the numbers anymore.”  I asked him if he knew another 603rdr and mentioned his name. He said that he did not. I asked him if he knew who Butch Blanchard (the Base’s Commander) was. He said, “I did not know those guys. Wasn’t he an officer? I was just a private.” I told Albert that I had just gotten off the phone with another gentleman who also maintained 1946 but denied 1947. I asked him if he could be mistaken on this? Albert replied with a nervous and knowing laugh, “Could be.”


I asked him if he ever had heard of any unusual even that happened in July of 1947 at Roswell. He simply said “No”, and did not even ask me what unusual thing had happened.  I said, “You know, the crash of a UFO.” He said, “Oh you mean aliens and all?", followed by more nervous laughter. I then said that several service men and officers did not think it was funny and that they maintained that something not of earth really did crash and that it was not a balloon. He then said, “Well they had their reasons then to cover it up.” I said, “Well then you don’t think the alien thing is so silly?” Albert, becoming very serious in tone, then said, “They would have known more, look, why don’t you talk to military intelligence?”  I told him that I and others had. Not getting any further with him, I closed the conversation and thanked him.


UFO Denied

Before the scoffers and naysayers begin their inevitable attack on my discussions with these vets, I need to make some things very clear.  These are only two examples of such obvious denial. There have been countless others over the years. I introduce myself to such potential witnesses as a “researcher of military history.”  I do not begin by explaining that I am researching UFOs and the Roswell crash.  In fact I begin with “small talk” about where I am calling from, the weather or perhaps some other innocuous topic which invariably leads to them “opening up.” In this way  they become more forthcoming and comfortable, even friendly. This also allows me to determine if they are of ‘sound mind’ and if they are able to respond in an articulate and cogent manner.

Both of these vets are still very much “with it.” Both were gracious in the beginning and both were happy to discuss anything. Except Roswell. Or admit that they were even there. It is not that they do not wish to “get involved” by having their names revealed (I often offer and honor anonymity) or that they were not well or that they found me to be a “nuisance” caller (at least in the beginning of the call).  I engage them thoroughly in other matters before gradually leading into a discussion of the crash. And certainly at any time these witnesses could simply say that they had heard nothing at the time about the crash being ET or that they believe it to be a hoax, etc. But instead they have decided to say that they were not even there. This offers them the ultimate “out” and a reason that they cannot say anything because “they weren’t even there.”


These two are not “fuzzy on their dates” of service – one of them outright and boldface lies that he was ever at Roswell at all, while the other hedges on the months in ’47 that he was there.  Veterans remember their service. They do not “hedge” or “obfuscate” about the "whens and wheres” of such service. I talked with them and I know that they were purposeful in their obfuscation. So before the naysayers interject that I asked leading questions, or that the vets simply did not really remember, or that they did just did not want to be bothered, let me interject: These men knew exactly where they were and exactly what they were saying and not saying. And again, they are not alone in their denial. Other researchers have had similar experiences with other veterans of Roswell. Even 15-20 years ago (when they were in their 60s or so and their memories were even presumably clearer) some of these Roswell vets would deny their installation at Roswell.


The real reason that Robert E. ____ of the 1st Air Transport Unit did not wish to admit his service at Roswell is because the 1st Air Transport Unit has long been known to have been very involved after the crash retrieval.  Robert no doubt knew the Captain of the 1st Air Transport Unit, Oliver “Pappy” Henderson.  Henderson confessed to his daughters and to his wife that he was involved in carrying wreckage from Roswell to Wright-Patterson in Dayton. And he would have known Sergeant Robert E. Smith, also a member of the First Air Transport Unit at Roswell Army Air Field. Smith told researchers directly that his unit was involved and that he had spent an entire day loading three aircraft with the material from the site.


The real reason that Albert O.____ of the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron did not wish to admit his service at Roswell is because others in this Squadron had confessed their unit’s major involvement in the incident.   Sergeant Homer G. Rowlette, a member of the 603rd, confessed to his son Larry and his daughter Carlene Green that his unit had been engaged in the retrieval and that he had seen the corpses of non-humans. One of the main tasks of the 603rd was the overhauling of the B-29s. And B-29 Crew Chief Milton Sprouse came forward about four years ago to admit his knowledge of the crash as the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle.




Service to your country can be characterized as either “honorable” or as "dishonorable".  Those veterans who have come forward (or who were “found” and were forthcoming) about their knowledge of the Roswell Incident are to be commended. History and Truth will honor them.  Those such as Robert and Albert who would even deny their time in service to their country because of what happened during that time and at that place are not “honorable” men. The future will not view them with favor.

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