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Aug 2018


Joann Davis, 696x366, enhanced with Phot


An elderly grandmother who was physically abused and psychologically tortured by government agents to retrieve a Moon Rock given to her late husband by astronaut Neil Armstrong has a warning for those who may be in possession of UFO artifacts from Roswell: “They will kill you for it.”

And Joann Davis should know. She and her current husband were both bodily injured by a NASA investigator, BATF agents, and the Riverside, CA County police in a sting operation to retrieve the rock that she had in her possession for decades. In a lengthy interview with this author, Davis recounts her horrific experience of subterfuge, intimidation and beating at the hands of agents determined to recover lunar material at any cost.



Joann Davis of Prescott, AZ (formerly of Lake Elsinore, CA) accused NASA officials of wrongfully seizing lunar mementos that her husband, Robert Davis, an Apollo Program Engineer with Rockwell International, left her before he passed. In 1969, the fragment of moon material (as well as a piece of the Apollo 11 heat shield) was given to Robert by Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon. Both Joann and her late husband Robert worked for aerospace contractor Rockwell for over a quarter-century.

Joann in booth, enhanced with Photos.png
Joann Davis Seated at the Denny’s Booth Where She Was Physically Accosted

In 2011, Davis had fallen on hard times and was seeking to sell her Moon Rock. She contacted NASA to find out how she might go about doing so and to get a sense of its value. A NASA official responded to her that he would like to meet with her to discuss the material and the potential sale. She suggested that they meet at a local Denny’s restaurant. He agreed.

What happened next strains belief. A total of five law enforcement officers (a NASA investigator named “Conley”, BATF agents, and local County police) descended upon her booth. An officer grabbed the lunar material (which was bubble wrapped) and took her current husband by the back of the neck and restrained him by holding his arm behind his back. Then an agent took Joann by the arm and pulled her from the booth. They took her out into the restaurant parking lot alone.


There, according to Davis they “body slammed” her, screaming at her for over two hours that she must surrender all such material in her possession. The agents severely bruised her arm and her tailbone during the confrontation. Fearing further injury, Davis urinated in her pants. They would not let her go to change, so she stood there in wetted pants. Mrs. Davis, who, at the time was in her late 70s, stands 4’11”. She later drove herself to the emergency room for examination. To this day, Davis experiences neurological pain in her shoulders and back resulting from the incident. She believes that she has permanent damage and that the psychological effects on her will also be life-long.


When Davis returned home, she found her husband in their house with the agents. The agents, brandishing guns, further intimidated the couple. They told them that they knew she had more material. They demanded that her husband open the safe in his office and traipsed around their home in search of more cosmic rock. When they found nothing more, they finally left.


Mrs. Davis retained an attorney and sued NASA. They eventually settled out-of-court. Eight months ago, Davis received $100,000 for wrongful search and seizure, false imprisonment and wrongful detention. The government refused to concede physical abuse.




When I told Davis that her story sounded strikingly similar to stories alleged by those at Roswell in 1947 who said they were intimidated into submission to give back recovered metal-like debris from the UFO crash that year, she replied: “If someone has such material, they will kill you for it. Trust me. They will make people disappear if that have to.”


Her advice to anyone who has Roswell metal: “Go public openly, get ahead of the government. If something should happen to you, people will know it is the government that was responsible.”


She adds that she and her husband worked at Rockwell on the Apollo program for many years. She said: “Some people there knew about the Roswell crash. I believe that it really did happen.”


Accounts of physical abuse by government to retrieve the ET debris collected by Roswell ranchers and children are numerous. One such account of a Lt. Hunter Glynn Penn (a former WWII Air Corps Hells Angel) is related in an article by this author last month, “My Father Murdered Roswell UFO Witnesses”.


One must ask: If the government will body slam and bruise a grandma for moon rock, what the hell would they do to someone who had extraterrestrial debris from a UFO crash like Roswell?

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