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Feb/March 2022


 Extremely Rare Image of US-Made Plasma Craft
Flying Above the Electronic Proving Ground in Arizona


Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter. Its use in aerial military applications is also the cause for many of the mystery "ball of light" and luminous "orb" type UFO sightings over the last several years. Recent technology declassification, a startling admission by a world-renowned plasma physicist, and this author's own ability to now recount personal knowledge of the subject, helps to support this. Many of these glowing cigar, saucer or globe-shaped lights are engineered by man and they are often mistaken for extraterrestrial UFOs. These highly-advanced plasma craft and other "flying plasma objects" have been operating under a cloak of extreme secrecy. Until now.


Plasma is superheated matter – so hot that the electrons are ripped away from the atoms, forming an ionized gas. Just as a liquid will boil, changing into a gas when energy is added, heating a gas will form a plasma – a soup of positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons).


These secret plasma craft and objects have been developed by US Department of Defense contractors employing the most highly credentialed scientists and engineers in the world in their respective fields. Revealed here for the first time are the types of plasma technologies being used – and their amazing purposes.


For at least two decades, DoD contractors have been covertly developing – and US military personnel have been operating – plasma cloaked aircraft, and have been projecting plasma ball objects high above us. They are using technology developed by manufacturers of cutting-edge optical, laser and aeronautical systems. Investigation shows that there are six reasons that the US military has developed such flying plasma technologies:


  • Plasma stealth is a process using ionized gas (plasma) to reduce the radar cross-section (RCS) of an aircraft. Interactions between electromagnetic radiation and ionized gas have been extensively studied to conceal aircraft from radar as stealth technology. Various methods have been developed to form a layer or cloud of plasma around a vehicle to deflect or absorb radar. The effect creates a shimmering, "fuzzy" light glow which can be shaped. A little-seen video clip of a plasma stealth jet is shown later in this article.


  • Electrically-charged plasma fields are being used to improve aircraft performance by generating lift in place of mechanical wing flaps and slats. Plasma has been adopted to replace the actuator flaps on aircraft that help them to climb, descend and alter speed. Wings generate lift as air moves over the top of the surface of the airfoil, creating a vacuum that pulls the aircraft up. A fully operational plasma system results in cheaper, lighter, and greener aircraft by replacing the role of flaps and slats on a wing. When the plasma is switched on, an electrical current passes through electrodes to generate an ionized field along the wing, known as the single dielectric barrier discharge (SDBD) plasma actuator, without any moving parts.

Plasma Density.jpg
Formerly Classified Photos of Artificial Plasma Cloud Over Alaska
Used To Reflect Radar and Communications Signals


  • Artificial Plasma Density Clouds. Plasma clouds, as shown in the photo above, can suspend or traverse in mid-air for up to an hour. They are used as "artificial mirrors" at altitudes 50 kilometers below the natural ionosphere for the reflection of high frequency radar and communications signals. U.S. Naval Research Laboratory physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at frequency transmitter facilities such as the one located in Gakona, Alaska, have successfully produced sustained high density plasma clouds in the Earth's atmosphere. Work on artificial plasma clouds is highly classified as it relates to radar and communications systems technologies to which enemy forces must not be privy.


  • Plasma can reduce drag. Drag is the aerodynamic force that opposes an aircraft's motion through the air. A plasma charge on the leading edge of a wing reduces the drag on the vehicle it surrounds. A DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) sketch, approved for public release, showing plasma edges:



  • The generation and projection of engineered plasma as an unmanned aerial object. Tactically, these objects can divert the attention of enemy forces, cause confusion in enemy maneuvers and expend enemy resources. They can also make our forces appear larger and more advanced than they actually are in a given theater of war.

    Plasma lasers are military lasers which create glowing plasma decoys against enemy forces. Such plasma systems create mid-air images to fool infrared and other sensors. These "aerial plasma structures" also fool heat-sinking missiles, luring them away from their intended targets.


Plasma Thruster.jpg
Plasma Thruster (NASA)


  • Highly classified plasma propulsion systems are being tested overhead. Plasma thrusters and plasma jet engines are the future of what propels military flight - and that future is now. Like lightning in a rocket, these technologies are the real reason for some of the more spectacular ball-of-light UFO sightings. Plasma is utilized in these systems to "push" on the electrically charged ions and electrons to provide thrust. Information publicly available on this topic is limited. References to such systems that do exist makes them sound "theoretical" or speculative. A deep-dive review of the technical literature, however, shows that such plasma propulsion systems have indeed been engineered and manufactured. I will limit this particular facet of the discussion due to potential security concerns about sources and methods.


plane 2.jpg
plane 3.jpg
plane 10.jpg
Stills from Video Linked Below of a Plasma Aircraft During Three of Its Stages of Travel


In this rare, little-viewed video taken in 2014, a person believed to now be deceased and to have been an aerospace company technician on the Space Coast in Florida, took note of an unusual flickering aerial object and began recording this:

One can see the outline of a jet and its wings at 1:04-1:16 emerging from the cloak of a plasma cloud. The person who posted the video even titled it "Plasma Aircraft" as if he had special knowledge of what he was recording.




Orb AZ1.jpg
Video Still of Flying Plasma Balls Generated by Military in Arizona


The Electronic Proving Ground at Fort Huachuca, Arizona is dedicated to testing, proving, exploring, and evaluating electronic communications and defense systems utilizing the electron. Many strange aerial lights have been sighted in this area. The Proving Ground covers millions of acres in Arizona and tests some of our nation's most secret devices. In the extraordinary clip linked below, we can see globe-like mystery lights maneuvering in mid-air above the Proving Ground in the Arizona desert. A still frame from this 2011 video is also shown under the headline title for this article.


A skeptical commenter on the video believes the light forms to be those of car lights. This is not the case however, given the light shape, edge fuzziness and motion dynamics which reveal their true nature as military-generated plasma balls. Further supporting this is the fact that the video poster mentions that the video was taken at "Black Tower" at Ft. Huachuca. It turns out that "Black Tower Field" is one of the primary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training facilities for our nation's military.


The long history of these military plasma lights and UAVs in the area mistaken for ET vehicles are supported by other commenters on the video: "I was coming home one night on 90, and there were about 10 lights with a center object in the sky that were pulsing all in a row like. They all went dim except the center one, and then all joined very quickly at the center point." Another states: "In the late 90s we were traveling west on I10 near Benson about 6am.... a "saucer craft" (yea like in the movies) flew across the interstate right in front of us.... we stopped at McDonalds to get a bite to eat and I looked at the map.... Ft Huachuca was the direction this 'thing' was going. It made no sound." And yet another comment: "I was 11 when I saw a UFO out my bedroom window. From Ramsay Canyon Road I watched it hover over the San Pedro Valley and then speed westward over the Huachucas. My parents were having a big dinner party and I ran out screaming in my pajamas to tell them. Freaky. Remember it like it was yesterday."




The latest military technologies can even imbue such constructed plasma with auditory effects, including human speech. The Pentagon is advancing work on plasma technology that can deliver intelligible speech to nearby locations, create limitless flashbang deterrents, and generate painful non-lethal auditory deterrents that could be fielded to troops for combat use in the coming years. Laser-Induced Plasma Effect technology makes plasma talk. This incredible video explains the effect and its use by military:


Stirling Colgate enhanced more, reduced.png

The late Dr. Stirling Colgate is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished plasma physicists who has ever lived. He led highly classified technical programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory and at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for many years. He was also the heir to the Colgate personal care fortune, and a former President of the New Mexico Institute of Technology. He worked well into his 80s. In the years before his death in 2013, I became acquainted with Dr. Colgate through a series of emails relating to an investigation that I was conducting on the famous Lonnie Zamora / Socorro UFO case from the 1960s. Colgate believed that the case was caused by hoaxer students at the college he headed.


In one of these emails, when I asked Dr. Colgate about his take on UFOs in general, he replied: "Effects can be achieved, the advances that physics has made, especially when it comes to things like plasma and like optics account for a lot of these UFOs." He added: "Those strange lights in the sky that look engineered? They are, by us. Those globular objects up there? Man-made for military."




As an Executive Search Consultant, I have Fortune 500 clients that include those in the aerospace industry. Some years ago I was retained by a major defense contractor to conduct classified searches to find for them very senior level executives with Top Secret/SCI/Full Scope Lifestyle Polygraph clearance for aspects of some of these aerial plasma development programs. Aerospace defense contractors called these programs such names as "Directed Energy Systems," and "Applied Plasma Physics." Typically those recruited would hold PhDs in Physics, Optical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and related disciplines. It was required that they had prior experience in top secret defense systems development. In the Position Descriptions provided to me, candidates were informed that the roles involved work on classified technical programs relating to the "generation and aerial projection of plasma objects" and to "plasma systems design to achieve radar stealth." Sometime later I realized that some of the videos I had seen and the sightings that I had heard about of glowing, fuzzy, ball of light / orb UFOs may have a very terrestrial explanation - an explanation for which I myself was unwittingly involved.




One may ask why these advanced and secret craft and devices are sometimes flown in the open, enabling them to be seen by those in populated areas? Firstly, there are over thirty known government and corporate "test flight centers" in operation in the US. The flights of these advanced and experimental craft, given their nature, cannot be confined to the boundaries of these test flight centers. When an aerial craft is sufficiently high enough in the atmosphere, those who operate these devices cannot control who looks up to see them. Additionally, the speed at which some of these craft travel make traversing a limited, defined space impossible. When a vehicle is traveling at Mach 3.5, or over four times the cruising speed of a commercial airliner, gaining and maintaining that velocity requires many miles before it's attained. Such flights are not always ‘nice and neat' and do not always fall within flight center limits. Finally, perhaps part of the vehicle "testing" is a psychological / tactical test: Find out what people could see and what they said about it. If they are going to be flying over hostile territory, it is the military's job to see how the locals would react. If the whole thing could be swept under the rug as "UFOs", so much the better!  And not all military pilots are read into all experimental flight technologies. When our pilots report such plasma-like objects, it is because they do not have a "Need to Know" about such things and have thus not been read into the program. Their reports and reactions are considered by those who are in the know in military intelligence. They are then used to strategize how enemy pilots would report and react to such things.




The plasma technologies that enable stealth, propulsion, improved aero-performance, communications signaling, auditory effects and the disabling of enemy aircraft are indeed extraordinary. There is no doubt that these advanced plasma structures are being confused by people for extraterrestrial craft. The old aerospace adage is that the military is always 20 years ahead of commercial or conventional flight. But while there is a core phenomenon occurring in our skies that finds its origins on other worlds, many of the more remarkable glowing orb / mystery light sightings seen of late may well reflect a remarkable technology developed right here on Earth.

Illuminated Plasma.png
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