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(originally published June 2012)

The Blue Room.jpg

Things "blue" are often secret, and they are often associated with flight and with aerospace. Military blue has always signified importance and authority. Blue reminds us of the sky and it is the color of the Air Force.  "Have Blue" was Lockheed Skunk Works' secret code name for the prototype Stealth F-117. "Blue Book" was of course a USAF UFO study. But it is the notorious "Blue Room" at Wright-Patterson where it is said by some that extraterrestrial artifacts are stored. This is a place where the tangible truth about what the US Government really knows about flying saucers resides. Often times things that change us forever appear from out of the blue - and the contents of the Blue Room will surely do just that. This is because a recently discovered official document offers conclusive proof that the US Air Force has been forced to admit to:


  • The existence of the long-rumored "Blue Room" and its location at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, after years of government denial


  • The Blue Room's operation from at least 1955 through 1965, and perhaps much earlier and much longer


  • A 35mm film officially taken of the Blue Room, apparently to document the classified contents of what it held


  • Destroying film of the Blue Room (likely after an inquiry about the Blue Room by a ranking US Senator)

Efforts launched by this author are now opening the door to the Blue Room even further. These new FOIA filings:


  • Name for the first time the little-known agency under which the fabled Blue Room operates


  • Explain how "threats from the realms of air and space" are confirmed to relate to the Blue Room


It is hoped that these continuing efforts will reveal to us soon just what wondrous things from other worlds are hidden within this most mysterious place.




In Intelligence Community (IC) and military parlance, a "Blue Room" is that portion of space within an ultra-secure building that is designed and equipped to hold items of high-sensitivity and of great technological interest. In the case of the Blue Room at Wright-Patterson, it is very evident that these items relate to extraterrestrial technology.

One of the earliest FOIA requests concerning the Blue Room was made on Dec 30 1980 by early Roswell UFO crash researcher William Moore. On January 7 1981, Moore received a reply from the US Air Force that there were no records of a Blue Room in existence. The promised follow-up to Moore by the Air Force apparently never occurred. You can see this reply here:

Blue Room 81 FOIA Pg 1 reduced.jpg
Document denying a record of the Blue Room
(click to enlarge)

However, in a brief interview, five term US Senator, former General and US Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater refers to a "landed" spaceship from decades prior, and that he had told General Curtis LeMay (likely in the early to mid-1960s, which will become a significant date later in this article): "I know that you have a room (at Wright-Patterson) where you put all of the secret stuff." The word "stuff" is defined by dictionaries as "material of which something is made" or "property, belongings, equipment or things." That is, Goldwater is clearly referring to material items of flying saucer construction within that room - not merely files or reports. And Goldwater was forcefully denied such access, as is recounted in this clip:

Goldwater on the Blue Room at Wright


In a recently discovered FOIA reply to a private citizen made twenty-one years ago, the Air Force was compelled to answer directly about the Blue Room. This was apparently due to the specificity of the citizen’s FOIA request. In this extraordinary, authenticated and deeply archived record we find extraordinary admissions by the US Government:


In a complete "about-face" and in a sudden change in stance on the existence of the Blue Room (a decade after researcher William Moore inquired about the matter and was told that there were "no records" of it), the Air Force states that there was a Blue Room. They further add that it was in operation for at least a decade, that images of it were taken, and that these images then underwent destruction.


This telling US Government admission is made here:

Blue Room Parks.jpg
Rare FOIA Blue Room document
(click to enlarge)

The individual who made this pointed inquiry of the US Government is named Brian Parks. I have deleted his former street address that appears on the FOIA document because again, he is a private citizen. He (and especially Canadian researcher Grant Cameron of the "Presidential UFO" website) are to be commended for their tenacity in finding out more about the Blue Room.


Note that the document confirms a Project Number and USAF Identification Number relating to the Blue Room. They claim that "35 MM film footage" of the Room was "destroyed" on September 9 1965. No mention at all is made concerning under what auspice or destruction order this Blue Room film was destroyed. Incredibly, Senator Goldwater mentions in his filmed interview that he had telephoned General LeMay about this mystery Room at Wright. It is believed that this call occurred in the early-mid 1960s, around the very same time range that the film was admitted to have been destroyed by the Air Force.




When this author was made aware by Cameron of his find, it was evident that follow-up was in order and he agreed. As a US Citizen I then made a very direct FOIA request that was placed through the USAF FOIA website. Following is a direct transcript (minus home addresses) of that FOIA:

April 26, 2012. 1:27 PM


Please furnish copies of all documents and other records pertaining to the files, functions and operations of "Blue Room" which is confirmed by DOD to have been a project and/or location at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.


"Blue Room" has been confirmed previously by the Air Force to have been active in 1955 and may have continued for years afterward. Film of "Blue Room" was destroyed in 1965 by the Air Force as admitted by the Air Force.


The existence of "Blue Room" is confirmed in a FOIA response date-stamped October 9, 1991 by the US DOD, Department of the Air Force, Headquarters Military Airlift Command, Scott Air Force Base, IL 62225 and signed by Eddie L. Anderson, USAF, Director of Information Management. Colonel Anderson provided his response to requester Brian Parks, ____, Torrance, CA 90504. In Colonel Anderson's response to Mr. Park's 1991 FOIA request, Colonel Anderson references "Blue Room" as:


Identifier Number USAF 23775

Project Number 7307

Title: Blue Room, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 1955


Colonel Anderson indicates in his FOIA reply to Parks that film of "Blue Room" was destroyed on September 9, 1965 according to records of the DOD Motion Media Records Center, Norton Air Force Base, CA.


Thank you for providing to me copies of all records relating to "Blue Room."


Anthony Bragalia



The Air Force acknowledged receipt of my FOIA inquiry in an email dated May 11 2012, 12:01 PM from the FOIA Requester Service Center. The email indicated that my submitted request had been assigned a Case Number. Then, in a remarkable and candid response emailed to me by Lynn Kane, WPAFB FOIA Analyst, some things of significance about the Blue Room were (perhaps unwittingly) revealed:


From: Kane, Lynn C Civ USAF AFMC 88 CS/SCOK {}

Sent:  Monday, May 14, 2012 2:47 PM


Subject: FOiA 2012-03668-F-ST1, transferred to NASIC


Mr. Bragalia,


It turns out that the office of record for BLUE ROOM is NASIC- National Air and Space Intelligence Center. Therefore the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) FOIA Office transferred your request to NASIC, who will respond to your FOIA request separately. Contact information for NASIC FOIA Office is (937) 257-6284.


Lynne Kane, WPAFB FOIA Analyst, (937) 522-3091


In Kane's reply:


  • Kane admits that the Air Force is aware of the operation of Blue Room


  • Further, it is learned that the "office of record" for Blue Room is the National Air and Space Intelligence Center or NASIC. Formerly the Air Force's Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright, the organization was re-named NASIC in 1992. It is the very division reputed to have been responsible for analysis of the Roswell UFO crash debris!


  • The implication is made that since the office responsible for "things Blue Room" is the relatively new agency NASIC, that the Blue Room is still in existence or that NASIC is in some was in some way responsible for its contents


Interestingly, NASIC has a defined mission which is very telling relative to the Blue Room. This mission is defined in an online NASIC History PDF file: "To gather and analyze specialized global intelligence on current and projected threats from the air and space realms." NASIC (and its predecessors) are now understood as very powerful (and largely hidden) special-access organizations with massive resources and limitless talent and black-budget capital - an ideal place as a steward and curator of retrieved ET artifacts.


Safe lock

On May 17 2012 (just three days before the emailed reply from FOIA Analyst Lynn Kane) this author received a hard-copy, mailed letter as a final reply to my FOIA request on Blue Room. The transcript (minus home address) is here:

Department of the Air Force

National Air & Space Intelligence Center (AF ISR Agency)

Wright-Patterson AFB Ohio


17 May 2012


4180 Watson Way

Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-5648


Mr. Anthony Bragalia



Dear Mr. Bragalia:


This letter is in reference to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request dated 26 April 2012 for records pertaining to "Blue Room." We receive your request and assigned FOIA case number 2012-03668-F to it.  A search was conducted for the record you request and we could not locate any records. We have search [sic] several times in the past for records associated with "Blue Room" and could not locate any records. If you interpret this "no records" response as an adverse action, you may appeal it to the Secretary of the Air Force within 60 calendar days from the date of this letter. Include in your appeal any reasons for reconsideration and attach a copy of this letter. The appeal should be forwarded to Secretary of the Air Force, Thru: NASIC/SCK (FOIA), 4180 Watson Way, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 4533-5648.



Gery D. Huelsman

NASIC Freedom of Information Act Manager




On June 5 2012 this author placed an appeal to NASIC as being non-responsive to my Blue Room FOIA request. Huelsman maintains that no records on the Room exist - and that they have "looked before." This may be the single most disingenuous and boldly non-compliant reply ever made to a FOIA requester. That they have “looked before” is a demeaning comment that is not responsive to the specific information that I had provided the Air Force in my FOIA request. Though they have indeed looked before- they have given different answers about Blue Room at different times.  As I indicated in my appeal:


  • If there are in fact no records, then how did WPAFB FOIA Analyst Lynne Kane know that "it turns out" that the "office of record" for "Blue Room" is indeed NASIC? I requested any and all records that FOIA Analyst Lynn Kane had found to make the determination that the responsible agency was NASIC.


  • If there are in fact no records, how did Col. Eddie Anderson (in his reply to early FOIA requester Brian Parks) find records showing that 35mm film of the Blue Room was destroyed on September 9 1965? I requested any and all records relating to that destruction, including an Order of Destruction.


  • If there are in fact no records, why does Col. Anderson concede to Brian Parks that the given Identification Number, Project Number and Title relate to the Blue Room? I requested any and all records relating to this identifying information.


I am prepared to use legal recourse if necessary, including the retention of attorneys to force the truth from those who deceive.



The denials and contradictory replies by the Air Force on the Blue Room matter are egregious. I am reminded of the very similar repeated denials by the Air Force about another super-secret UFO related government entity-  the IPU (or Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit.) It took over a decade to obtain any substantive details on IPU. I do not intend to wait that long to find out the ultimate truth about the Blue Room. Like the Blue Room film, in a FOIA reply the Air Force had ultimately claimed that IPU files were destroyed. In an earlier piece on the National Reconnaissance Office, this author related how as a pre-teen I had filed a FOIA on the NRO and received a denial and similar "no records" reply on the existence of the today-acknowledged NRO. These kinds of government excuses and lies about the Blue Room will be met with exposure. The door to this room has been shut for decades. It is now time to swing it wide open and see for ourselves what the privileged few are privy to - the physical evidence of intelligent aliens and their fall to Earth.

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