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(originally published Sept 2014)


Roswell alien mind


Uncovering the truth about the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 means securing credible and corroborated witness testimony, historical records and other documentation as well as physical and circumstantial evidence.


But are there other meaningful ways to gain insight into the nature of the crash?  Could the use of psychic abilities be of value in such investigation?


Some people believe so. They point to the use of an extrasensory approach to gaining information about what really happened in the New Mexico desert over six and a half decades ago. They speak of Remote Viewing Roswell.


Remote Viewing


Remote Viewing (RV) is a term used to describe a controlled mental faculty that allows a “viewer” to provide data and detail that is not accessible through traditional sensory means because of distance, time or shielding.


Certain individuals are adept in applying this advanced mode of perception. They can acquire information about people, places or things in ways that transcend the traditional five senses. They have honed mental processes that enable them to tune in and “sense” these “targets” using “psi” or psychic ability. Using this “complimentary cognition” they can detect, describe and decode dimensional data that can help to answer questions relating to “who, what, when, where and why.”


It is a matter of historical record that a range of US federal military and intelligence agencies (and their contractors, such as SAIC and Stanford Research Institute) believed enough in the potential of this psychic ability that they conducted RV studies over a span of three decades – from the 1970’s into the 1990’s. They had project names such as Sun Streak, Star Gate and Grill Flame.


Though there were many successful RV sessions (recorded by the viewer as sketches and notes made about the target) that were later found to be correct, these results were not consistent nor always actionable, and the (acknowledged) funding of these US Government efforts has now seemingly  ended.


Some of those who were affiliated with these officially-sanctioned RV studies today continue their interest professionally by offering education and training programs as well as through delivering private RV services.


Receiving Roswell


The most common use of RV by the DOD and CIA was to locate lost aircraft and to find enemy installations. It would then seem natural (and likely) that examining an event like the Roswell crash through RV has occurred.


But such historical things as the Roswell crash were apparently far lower on the RV priority list than fulfilling more immediate information requirements. Major General Albert Stubblebine, who led a major US Army Intelligence RV program, stated in a Q&A in a 1992 lecture held in Colorado that no official RV work on Roswell was ever conducted. He did allow though that private efforts along those lines may have occurred.


A Private Roswell RV Effort

William E. Jones is a long-time Battelle Memorial Institute executive. He is also an Ohio-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigator. He states that in the 1990s he received a report on Roswell from an individual whom he trusts implicitly, whose name Jones wishes to keep confidential. The source is described by Jones as objective, science-oriented and well respected in the RV community. He adds that the source is not Ed Dames (the controversial former military intelligence man engaged in official RV experiments). This hints to me that the source, though not Dames, was similarly in military intelligence at one time.

The Remote Viewing Report provided to and shared by Jones reads in part:


Problem Description: Locate the Whereabouts of the Roswell Wreckage.


"Question: Where is the majority of the Roswell crash wreckage now [1994]? Where is it being studied now?”


"Large pieces of triangular and strut-like pieces of debris, wrapped in green cloth (surgical drapes) and over-wrapped in tarpaulin are sitting on dusty shelves in a warehouse at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. They are very high up on, to the very end of row 5. This row is the farthest right as you enter the front entrance of the warehouse. The warehouse door is open to the light and, currently, not closely guarded.


"People come and go through the open door. There is an office space to the left of the front door and all the itinerary of the warehouse is coded in a locked file in a two story stone building on the base. Documents there are dated 1958 and are yellowed with age around the edges. They relate to physical examination of the debris. The documents have a decal on the top left, of a circle with a horizontal line through, and writing is superimposed on the design. The debris is not currently being studied but there is renewed interest from Los Alamos. I did not see any round debris (flying saucer shape)."


 "Question: Is there important documentation to be found about the crash in non-secret vaults, such as government archives or presidential libraries? If so, which ones?’


"All the important documentation related to the crash is still in secret vaults and not available to the public, yet."


"Question: Sometime in the future will there be a key witness or document that will ‘break-open’ the Roswell case in the future? Please describe the document or the person. What is the color of the marking at [the] top/bottom of the document?”


"Wings. Blue. The manager of the Wright-Patterson warehouse has been there a very long time and knows what is on the shelves. Maybe when he retires he will be able to give information."


Though anecdotal, the above account illustrates the kind information and impressions on Roswell that can be related by such remote viewers. The session provides clues and specific details that can be acted upon, and this researcher is now doing just that.


The Right Way to RV Roswell


Another private effort at discerning the details of the crash was related by paranormal and spiritual researcher Lon Strickler. Strickler has been featured on Coast-to-Coast radio, and his website, Phantoms and Monsters, is well-received. Lon is also a Case Manager with Spirit Rescue International, a highly regarded non-profit British organization that conducts paranormal investigations without charge to their clients. The founder, UK intuitive and remote viewer Irene Allen-Black, is a registered member of the prestigious Society for Psychical Research.


On December 8th, 2011, Strickler announced on the Spirit Rescue International website that he was going to conduct a well-designed remote viewing project. What he proposed – and the protocol for this RV experiment – is very instructive:


“During the past 2 1/2 years, and since my involvement with Spirit Rescue International, I have wondered if a series of remote viewing sessions could offer relevant information on the supposed 1947 Roswell, NM UFO Crash Incident. I have researched this subject and most of what I have found were minor references to the Star Gate Project (possible government RV training target?) but nothing substantial. It is most likely a few remote viewers have attempted to perceive the location and circumstances, but details are scarce.


The term remote viewing emerged as shorthand to describe a more structured approach to clairvoyance. It was said that Star Gate only received a mission after all other intelligence attempts, methods, or approaches had already been exhausted. This may be a true statement officially, though I doubt that was the full extent of use.


“The remote view protocol that we use at Spirit Rescue International is defined as ‘scientific’ and/or ‘coordinate’ remote viewing. In order to apply it to the Roswell Incident there would need to be more monitor control, protocol modification, use of the correct data type and extended sessions. The sessions would be conducted by remote viewers who have minimal knowledge of the Roswell Incident. We believe these objectives can be achieved.


The project has now been scheduled and will begin shortly. Several targets will need to be set and each target will need to be perceived by a minimum of two remote viewers. For those readers who are familiar with how SRI conducts our investigations it will become apparent that the project will require a significant amount of time to complete. The information collected will be examined by researchers intimately familiar with the Roswell Incident. All of the data will then be compiled and condensed into a final report which will then be released at the discretion of Spirit Rescue International.”


Unfortunately, nearly three years later, there has been no follow-up to this story by Strickler and he chose not to respond to my email inquiry for an update. Curiously the 2011 piece announcing the RV project has since been taken down off of the website.


Perhaps the results of the project are being kept private so as to not ‘contaminate’ future RV accounts of the Roswell crash.


The Wrong Way to RV Roswell


The two known intelligence officers that were officially engaged in government-directed RV studies who have spoken about their private efforts at remote viewing Roswell are Joe McMoneagle and Ed Dames. And unfortunately both have questionable motives and both carry credibility ‘baggage.’


Joe McMoneagle is a retired US Army intelligence officer who was recruited for the Top Secret remote viewing program Star Gate. He was also tested for his abilities by government contract at Stanford Research Institute. He now runs a corporate consulting firm called Intuitive Intelligence Applications. He has also made many failed predictions based on his alleged ability to view the past, present and future. This includes things that never happened, such as a vaccine for AIDS by 2006, to the "Criswell Predicts"-sounding announcement that a craze would emerge in the 2000s where temporary tattoos would replace clothing.


McMoneagle seems to feel, based on his RV work, that the Roswell event happened closer to Socorro and involved the collision of two terrestrial, experimental aircraft that somehow involved “sensitive materials.” In an interview some years later however, he told of a bizarrely different, contradictory scenario where the crash site “represents an ingress-egress point into and out of our time-space locale, a specific requirement attached to their modality of star-to-star travel.”


Major Ed Dames was in charge of a US Defense Intelligence Agency team of remote viewers. He too now operates a business consulting company, PSI TECH. And like McMoneagle, Dames promotes his business and charges substantial fees to his clients. And like McMoneagle, Dames has made many failed and wild predictions, including about locating the fabled Atlantis.


Dames claims to have learned from his remote viewing of Roswell that the alien beings who crashed then traveled back in time and prevented the crash from occurring. This caused all physical evidence from the crash to disappear but left intact people’s memories of collecting and examining the evidence.


Clearly McMoneagle and Dames, rather than remote viewing Roswell, are on flights of fantasy.


What is Needed to Do it Right


What is needed to conduct such a RV-Roswell project is, first and foremost, an assembly of well-intentioned, impartial and trustworthy individuals with demonstrated remote viewing skills. Participants would be unpaid and anonymous to discourage money or fame as rewards. As Lon Strickler notes, the volunteers would have minimal knowledge or preconceptions about Roswell. Impressions about Roswell that are gained by the volunteers would be examined for similarities and corroborative accounts.


 A ‘target’ is a specific piece of information that is sought about a person, place or event. The first questions that should be posed should relate to targets such as physical evidence and the identities of those currently involved in managing that evidence:


  • Where is Roswell crash debris located that is in private hands?


  • Where is Roswell crash debris located that has been secured by government?


  • Where are any notes or diaries taken at the time about the crash located?


  • Where is official documentation on the crash located?


  • Name individuals who are currently involved in studying the Roswell crash finds.


These are all items that are actionable. The remote viewers’ impressions can be verified as accurate. People can be contacted. Places can be visited. Hidden things can be found.


Why it May Work

It is evident that the visiting alien operates in the realm of the hyper-dimensional. They traverse the cosmos by exerting influence over space and time. Communication is achieved by the direct transference of thought to mind.


Going out of our heads and beyond time to remote view Roswell may be the best way to understand it. My sense is that it will all become much clearer when viewed through the mind’s eye.

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