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Published April/May 2022

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A decorated Army Air Force Commander and General personally installed his own son to the Roswell base after the 1947 UFO crash to spy on involved personnel. The General, acting commander of the Strategic Air Command at the time, Clements McMullen, was deeply immersed in the Roswell incident coverup. He wanted a trusted individual to listen in and report back to him any scuttlebutt or rumor-mongering that may have been heard about the crash.

Frank McCoy McMullen, enhanced with MyHeritage, then Photos, blue border cropped out, dots
Captain Frank McMullen
General Clements McMullen.png
General Clements McMullen

It now appears that he selected his son Frank McMullen, who held the rank of Captain, to act as an inside agent. The General, well trained in intelligence, sought someone to conduct surveillance, take note of those who may have talked "out of turn", and perhaps even act to disinform or dissuade military witnesses to the crash.


Of all the many bases that the General's active military son could have been assigned, how likely is it that it would be at the very base for which his own father was trying to direct response efforts in the wake of the crash? Why did General McMullen, acting completely on his own, reassign his son to the Roswell base in such a sudden way? A review of military records shows that he had urgently recalled his son from his assignment in Japan and installed him at Roswell. How did it happen that, in violation of protocol, he single-handedly placed his son Frank McMullen at the center of it all--the place that dealt with the immediate aftermath of a fallen UFO?



A name not often associated with the Roswell crash incident is General Clements McMullen, who died in 1959. He is mentioned however in the late Stanton Friedman's book Crash at Corona. Friedman had interviewed retired Brigadier General Thomas Dubose, Chief of Staff to the Eighth Air Force Commander, Roger Ramey. In a recorded interview in 1990, DuBose told Friedman that he was at his office at the Fort Worth, TX base on the afternoon of July 8th 1947 when he received a call from General McMullen at the Strategic Air Command in DC. The call was intended for Ramey, but he was at an air show in Denton, TX when it came in. DuBose instead took the call and McMullen ordered DuBose to tell (not ask) General Ramey to send some of the material found fallen at the UFO crash site immediately to Washington and to hush up any stories about the army recovering a crashed flying saucer by concocting a cover story involving a downed balloon to "get the press off of our backs."


DuBose said that McMullen was particularly firm that he was to say nothing about this to anyone. "Do you understand me?" McMullen shouted, to which Dubose replied, "Yes, Sir!"

DuBose indicated that the order was to have a small amount of the crash debris material sent to DC by "colonel courier". Later DuBose reports that he saw a small amount of the material wrapped in plastic and attached to the wrist of a Colonel, Alvin Clarke, preparing to be flown out.


In an extremely rare home video recording of General DuBose commenting on McMullen, we learn that it was McMullen who ordered the coverup by using a weather balloon. We also learn that McMullen would likely have used his son to spy on base personnel. DuBose comments on McMullen, "He was a god damn busybody. He wanted to know who pissed on the sidewalk." DuBose said McMullen told him the event was "more than Top Secret." You can listen to DuBose's one minute confession on McMullen here:




John Schlund is a military author and historian of many years standing whose books include Into the Blue, and websites such as In a section on the life of General Clements McMullen, Schlund, who has no prior interest in the subject of UFOs, made a startling discovery. Schlund, who was granted access to transfer information, notes, "While at Andrews Field with his father, he (Frank) learns of his next assignment...the 509th Bomb Wing located at Roswell, NM. His effective transfer date must have been 2, December, 1947." He continues, "There are no official orders going through regular military protocol or channels assigning him to the 509th Bomb Wing. That I can tell, he was assigned to the location by his father."


DuBose better-Enhanced with MyHeritage, then Photos, incl retouching.png
General Thomas DuBose

Schlund then insightfully notes, "At this point, questions arise. Why did the General who allegedly covered up the Roswell UFO event have his son personally ordered to the site of the incident? Why the lack of military protocol and documentation? Why the urgency for this?”


Schlund says that by keeping it all in the family, McMullen's son Frank provided an ear to conversations that may have been occurring about the crash among the base personnel. Records found indicate a close association between Roswell Base Commander William Blanchard and Frank McMullen. Frank stayed at the Roswell base for about a year. On the likelihood of McMullen using his son to rat out others who spoke out of turn, Schlund says, "If the US Government classified the situation, I am sure General McMullen, as a professional Air Force Officer, responded in an appropriate manner to control and contain the situation."


A few months after the crash incident, more base personnel became more comfortable in talking about it with others. The immediate heat was off and--as is human nature--the urge to gossip about such a momentous thing emerged. It was at this time that McMullen clearly had concerns that the chatter was getting to be too much, and that monitoring was required.


Those who desire to suppress the truth about the Roswell crash will stop at nothing--including using their own child--to accomplish that unholy goal. We now know that Clements McMullen was one of those people.

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