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(Originally published April 2020)


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The world Coronavirus Pandemic has all of us wondering where the deadly virus lurks and who around us may be transmitting it. And most importantly, how did it come to be? It was inevitable that some began to wonder if rather than being from Earth, the Coronavirus was brought to Earth. Did it travel through space and “seed” here? Is it a “space virus” carried on cosmic currents to Earth?


Or perhaps the beings from other worlds who visit us carry viruses foreign to our world and are contagious. Do they harbor a hidden danger to us at the molecular level? History is instructive in this regard. Europeans who traveled to the New World wiped out entire Native American cultures after their arrival due to their carrying ultramicroscopic infectious agents from which the indigenous peoples had no immunity. For this same reason, governmental law prohibits physical contact with isolated, deep Amazonian cultures who have never experienced sustained interaction with those from outside their area. If a visiting alien had contracted a space virus, or if one found its way to Earth via cosmic particles, the results could be devastating because humanity would have no resistance to it.




There are those who believe that many viruses may well be of space-borne origin. This idea was heavily promoted in 2008 by Chandra Wickramasinghe of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology at Cardiff University in Wales in a flurry of interviews, including with He pointed out that viruses likely exist throughout the universe, and that they can endure very harsh environments. They have even been found in ancient permafrost and acidic lakes. He contended that viruses may have arrived on Earth as part of meteorites or clouds of cosmic dust or by solar winds.

But the vast majority of expert astrobiologists view this as highly speculative and without evidence. 

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They explain that no virus is resistant to the kind of effects of radiation found in space. There is nearly zero probability that viruses would survive traversing vast distances of space while being subjected to such damaging rays for such very long periods of time. And even solar winds from nearer-by cosmic bodies like Venus could not carry and sustain the weight of particulates that would host a virus. And the extreme cold of space is an unfathomable -457 Fahrenheit (nearing absolute zero, where molecules cease movement) and such viruses would most certainly irreversibly crystallize.


This author recently discovered the true motivations of Wichramsinghe: money and sensation. In a box of stored books I found a pulp paperback to the masses, “Diseases from Space”, which he co-wrote in 1979. In it, he makes  the outrageous (and forty years later unprovable) claim that everything from influenza to the Bubonic Plague was brought to us from other planets via astral debris, asteroids, etc.

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The book had the paranormal look of the times complete with a “Chariots of the Gods” type of font for the title on the cover. He has since inspired an online conspiracy community about the subject with thousands of comments about “space viruses” on websites such as Above Top Secret and Reddit. His co-author Fred Hoyle was an English astronomer who held controversial stances on other scientific matters—in particular his rejection of the "Big Bang" theory.


The truth is that viruses cannot withstand being radiated in space by high energy protons and atomic nuclei that are bombarding them upon contact at nearly the speed of light. These high speed subatomic particles–cosmic radiation–“disorganize” the structure of organized systems, even tearing through DNA for instance, increasing the risk of deadly cancers.


Simply, viruses on Earth do not find their origin from the stars.




Can contact with the visiting alien be harmful to our immunity? Writing in Astrobiology in 2003, D.W. Griffin notes: “What we currently know of viruses is that we are most likely to encounter them on other life-bearing planets.” If the visiting Alien, as a living entity, has the potential to play host to a virus, why in the long history of their Earth contacts have they never infected us? Certainly physical effects on UFO witnesses have been reported over the years, however none have been shown to have been of a viral nature as speculated in the publication of such paranormal books as “Alien Viruses” by Nick Redfern and Robert Wood, which explores the concept of “alien virology.” But...

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  • Despite decades of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (UFO encounters where a witness is in close physical proximity to an entity), no viral infections of such witnesses have ever been diagnosed or reported in the time after such encounters.


  • Despite decades of reports of more intimate alien interactions, such a Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (a UFO event in which a human is abducted onto a craft by aliens and subjected to invasive procedures or even sexual acts), no abductee has, after their experience, then reported contracting a virus.


  • At UFO crash and retrieval sites such as at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, military men making the recovery of debris and bodies did not subsequently exhibit any symptoms of viral infection.


How can it be that after so many years of UFO and alien close encounters all over the globe that these creatures and hardware from another planet have not once virally “contaminated” a witness, let alone caused a previously unknown plague?


The answer to this lies in looking at our own space-faring activities. Just as we pay strict attention and adherence to sterilization, decontamination and quarantine when our astronauts travel in space or to another cosmic body, no doubt the visiting alien to Earth has done the same during the evolution of their own space flight. The Alien is hygienic.


And if the alien was ill-intentioned and wished to eliminate us, mass human infection would be an ideal way to do so. It would kill humans while leaving buildings and our civilization’s “hardware” remaining, as would the Earth itself. The virus would eliminate us but in time it would pass and leave everything else standing. But this of course has not happened. The visiting alien instead does not wish to infect us, nor do they wish to be infected themselves. And just as the alien is not trying to “save” us, the alien is not trying to destroy us.


It is evident that they have developed extraordinarily advanced bio-technologies and techniques that prevent the development or contraction of contagions. They must have long ago mastered microbes and vanquished viruses. Survival is likely instinctual to all living things of Earth and not from Earth. Conquering communicable infection both assures their own survival as well as that they do not afflict others that they may visit.


We cannot blame the cosmos or the alien for the virus. We have to look to Earth alone and accept that only what we do here and now can save those who live on it.


Stay Safe.

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