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(Originally published Oct/Nov 2022)


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World-famous Walter Reed is the nation's premier Military Medical Center. Established in 1909, it is named after a pioneering US Army physician and pathologist. Situated on 113 acres in Washington, DC, it may also be the location that houses extraterrestrial tissue samples. The government doctor who claims this will be named here and now. Other information points to these tissues having been collected from the dead pilots of the UFO that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.




Charles Stahl
Dr. Charles Stahl, MD, PhD

"The Walter Reed pathology building is where we store the alien tissues."

According to a well-known forensic physician and respected medical dean, Walter Reed is the place where the tissues of dead aliens are held. He knows this because he was directly told this by the government's top forensic pathologist, Dr. Charles Stahl.


Stahl, who passed in 2016, had an illustrious, four-decade career in service to our nation. He was the US Navy's first Forensic Pathologist (in 1962) and was the Chief Armed Forces Medical Examiner. At various points he led the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, was Chairman of the US Navy's Department of Laboratory Medicine, and the Chief of Forensic Pathology for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology at Walter Reed. Dr. Stahl was the recipient of many military honors, including being bestowed the Legion of Merit medal. He is acknowledged today as the "Godfather" of military forensic pathology, the branch of medicine that deals with the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue of deceased personnel (such as pilots or other servicemen) for diagnostic or forensic purposes.


As the nation's leading doctor in his field, Stahl conducted historic medical examinations including of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan in 1968. Stahl also conducted the medical examination of Apollo 1 astronauts Gus Grissom, Walter Chaffee and Ed White who died in 1967 in a Cape Canaveral fire.


Walter Reed Pathology Building.png
Walter Reed's Armed Forces Institute of Pathology


Dr. Chris Green is the person to whom Dr. Stahl told of alien tissue storage at Reed. A noted Forensic Physician, Dr. Green is currently Assistant Dean of the Wayne State School of Medicine in Michigan. His career began with the US Federal Government in 1969 as a Senior Division Analyst for neurosciences at the Central Intelligence Agency. In the mid-'70s he became a Branch Chief, Deputy Division Director, and Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology. He joined General Motors Corporation in 1985 as head of Life, Materials and Environmental Sciences, and later became Executive Director of Technology Intelligence, and Chief Technology Officer for GM Asia Pacific Operations. He was Chair of the Independent Science Panel for the Undersecretary of the Army for Operations Research and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Matters. He holds the National Intelligence Medal and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. He was elected a Lifetime National Associate of the US National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.

In recent discussions with this author, Dr. Green revealed that in the spring of 1978, he had professional reasons to visit Walter Reed Medical Center. He 

Chris Green
Dr. Chris Green, MD, PhD

was being escorted around the facility by Dr. Stahl on what he recalled as being a "bright sunny day."

As they walked about the campus discussing forensics, Dr. Stahl stopped in the parking lot, lifted his arm and pointed to the Pathology Building and made a very serious comment to Dr. Green in a very serious tone. Looking at Dr. Green he said:


"This is where the alien tissue samples are stored."


More than that he refused to say that day. Though Dr. Green was security cleared, it seems that Dr. Stahl "caught himself" and rather than speak out of turn further, diverted the conversation. It may though have been said intentionally, given what Dr. Stahl would later say to Dr. Green on the subject.


Dr. Green explained that Dr. Stahl "became my mentor and my lifelong friend." Dr. Green insists that Dr. Stahl was not "joking" or teasing when he made the stunning statement to him. We agreed that this comment was made before the first books on the Roswell crash had been published, so there was no media "contamination." Dr. Green describes himself as having been "shocked" by Stahl's comment. He was "stunned silent", feeling privileged to have been told but unable to insist on more details, hoping they would be forthcoming. But they were not.


When Dr. Green brought up the subject again to Dr. Stahl some time later, Dr. Stahl would only say that:


"I would be interested to learn what you may learn about the matter." (presumably from other people)


It can be inferred that if Dr. Stahl knew where the alien material was stored, given his background, he would also have been a key figure in the continued study of the specimens.


Though Dr. Stahl was not involved directly in the aftermath of the crash event at Roswell in 1947 (he was still in school), the analysis of alien specimens would certainly have continued in subsequent years and over decades. As new technologies (i.e., molecular microscopy) are developed, they would no doubt be applied to these tissue samples. During Stahl's tenure at Reed, many advanced analytical tools and techniques became available that enabled examination of molecules, cells and tissues that was previously not possible.




Alien Skin Tissue, enhanced with Photos.png

Stahl mentions the storage of extraterrestrial biomaterial at Reed and refers to it as "tissue samples." Tissue samples are cells or pieces of tissue removed from an organism for examination, analysis, or propagation. Tissue analysis yields valuable information on cellular, genetic, and histological makeup and detects abnormalities. The flesh of the alien certainly had "abnormalities."

Storage would, according to published scientific standards, maintain a temperature of between -4 Fahrenheit to -13 Fahrenheit. Safekeeping and work on the samples would be accomplished in a medical research "cleanroom" – a room that has

Specimen Microscope, bigger, enhanced with Photos.png

eliminated airborne particles and microorganisms that could contaminate the specimens by using HEPA filters and other advanced air purification systems. To secure and to prevent leakage or contamination of the specimens when in storage or transport, they would make use of biohazard specimen bags that are tamper-evident sealed.

Securing these historic samples is of paramount importance. Reed maintains its own armed federal special officer police force. They are engaged in controlling property and building access, patrolling, providing armed escort to sensitive campus areas, and preventing and investigating unauthorized removal of property. The Pathology building is windowless and is under 24-hour, multiple angle video surveillance.



Stahl Jr

This author located and spoke with Charles Stahl, Jr. MPA, Dr. Stahl's namesake son and firstborn. An accomplished government administrator, he is currently the Assistant City Manager of Johnson City, TN. Charles was very forthcoming and pleased to discuss his father when reached by this author. He detailed his father's involvement in the examination of the Apollo 1 astronaut victims and of the RFK autopsy. He states that his father would talk about his work in a limited way when it came to such "sensational" cases. Stahl Jr. respected this and as a matter of habit did not ever press his father too far on such things.


Though his father did not confess to him about his knowledge of aliens, Stahl Jr. himself thinks that it is entirely possible that his father was uniquely positioned, held the right qualifications, and possessed sufficient clearance to have been involved in the forensic examination of extraterrestrials, given they exist. And Stahl Jr.'s personal opinion is that they likely do.

Charles Stahl Jr.




This is not the first time that Walter Reed has been associated with the examination of extraterrestrials. In fact, the now-deceased Roswell, NM undertaker in 1947, Glenn Dennis (who stated that he was aware of the alien corpses through his nurse friend at the base at that time) had specifically mentioned Walter Reed's involvement in the crash incident. And what the undertaker Dennis stated helps to confirm what the pathologist Stahl said.


Dennis, in an OMNI magazine interview in the fall of 1995, said that his nurse friend told him there were doctors present at the base hospital with whom she was unfamiliar:




"Did the nurse know who the doctors were or where they were from?"




"I asked her, and she said she'd never seen them before."


"She told me she heard one say to the other that they'd have to do something when they got back to Walter Reed Army Hospital."

Glenn Dennis 1947
Glenn Dennis, Roswell
Undertaker, 1947

This direct corroboration of Walter Reed's involvement in Roswell from someone who was at Roswell at the time of the crash is extraordinary. It means that from the time immediately after the crash in 1947 and the decades following when Dr. Stahl spoke with Dr. Green, that Walter Reed has been intimately involved.


This corroboration, however, must be tempered by the fact that Glenn Dennis misled investigators about the name of the nurse who told him of these things. He also gave conflicting stories about what had become of her. Though some believe that this must then discredit all of Dennis' testimony, others point out that he was merely trying to protect her identity and prevent her and her family from any unwanted attention. A comprehensive examination of Glenn Dennis and his testimony can be seen here:




Though offering primary care to wounded veterans is a major Reed mission, it is not its sole one. In fact, Reed provides highly specialized medical research and analysis to various branches and agencies of government. And some of this work is Top Secret and in concert with intelligence agencies. Found recently online is an employment notice from Walter Reed seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow in Forensics. The position description in part reads: "A rotation involving personnel assessment for high-risk and sensitive security positions through the National Security Agency is available as an option as well as for Fellows who wish to pursue and are able to attain a Top-Secret Security Clearance."




Dr. Stahl's obituary can be read here:


Stahl was bound by oath to keep secret government matters secure. But he felt a higher obligation to truth and to history. He planted a kernel of this truth in Dr. Green to explore on his own.  He hinted to his friend and professional colleague that we have recovered the bodies of aliens, we have examined their remains, and that this is done at Walter Reed, in the Pathology building. He further stated that it would be his colleague's purview to find out more, and that if he did, Stahl wished to hear about it.


When Stahl began his career in the medical examination of our dead, he could have not known that this would one day include examination of the deceased from other worlds.

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