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(originally published Feb 2011)


In Utah’s remote western desert spans a military installation larger than the State of Rhode Island. Despite this immense size, its name would not register with most of the public. Its stated mission is to develop defenses against chemical, radiological and biological attacks upon the United States. But recent investigation has uncovered an unacknowledged purpose that may well be of cosmic importance. Reports of shutdowns, strange incidents and UFO sightings at the base abound. A telling link has been discovered between this facility and a government contractor known to have been involved in secret UFO and crash debris study. And in an astonishing admission made before his recent death, a high-level Wright-Patterson official confessed that this is the place where alien corpses are kept...


This is a place called Dugway.


Ditto Area, West Desert Test Center, Michael Army Airfield

Established in 1942, Dugway Proving Grounds is a facility in service to all branches of the US military (and likely to its intelligence agencies). It is strategically surrounded by three massive mountain ranges. Its huge but hidden size – and its secure, remote isolation – make it an ideal location for secret “testing” of many types. In fact, it is speculated that Dugway has examined the applications and effects of every known biological, chemical and radiological substance on earth. Related to this, Dugway has a long history of local concern about the harmful effects of their testing of deadly “agents” (including open air testing) to the environment and to human and animal health. As recently as last month, the facility was put under “lockdown” due to the offered explanation by Dugway that a vial of an “extremely toxic nerve agent” went missing and was later retrieved.

Most who work at Dugway are not aware of all of the activities, programs and facilities (including underground) that are there. They could not possibly have access to all of the areas of an installation the size of a state. That said, from the inside it is reported that Dugway appears rather mundane, even somewhat deserted. And most do not ever report any special “strangeness.” But digging deeper, one sees things most strange…



Dugway is not supposed to be a place where the development of advanced military craft happens. That is not part of their publicly stated “mission.” Dugway isn’t supposed to be an “Area 51.” But sightings, film and photos of Unidentified Flying Objects around Dugway are being logged with increasing frequency. Unusual aero-forms have been seen zipping through the skies over and around the Dugway installation by many credible witnesses for many years. It is known that Dugway does “partner” with nearby Hill Air Force Base in Utah on test flight maneuvers, allowing its own network of runways to be used by Hill. Some years ago it was said that Dugway was being considered as a runway/spaceport location for NASA advanced craft testing. And a 1997 Popular Mechanics article even speculated – based on its observation of anomalous sightings and of “secret transport” of advanced equipment – that some of Nevada’s Area 51 activity was being taken to a location near Dugway.


Utah resident and researcher David Rosenfeld maintains a website that includes a large section that documents UFOs that have been observed, filmed and photographed within the State of Utah. Since 1996 he has catalogued literally hundreds of photos, videos and sightings of genuinely anomalous aircraft. Rosenfeld is one of Ufology’s unsung heroes. He has tirelessly inventoried the phenomena in his own region of the country – and he has clearly demonstrated that Dugway is a virtual “hotbed” of such anomalous aerial activity. The sheer volume of reports is beyond the scope of this article to fully detail. It is well worth the effort to visit his website (The Utah UFO Hunters) to learn more about a location whose UFO sightings are not generally picked up by mainstream media or even UFO-related media.


Rosenfeld says, “Numerous UFOs have been seen and reported around the area in and around Dugway. Most of the disks, black triangles, orange spheres, flying wings and manta ray-shaped objects must be secret military aircraft. “


But Rosenfeld also maintains that some of these craft cannot be military aircraft – even advanced ones – because some simply appear well beyond any possible current human technology. He says, “They can’t account for all the unknowns seen in the area. It might be that our ‘star visitors’ are keeping an eye on Dugway.” In other words, ET may become “interested” when we begin to take formative steps with our own ET-like technologies. This is likely true whether these technologies are based solely on our own innovation, or whether they are perhaps inspired by crashed ET craft. And ET certainly “got interested” when we split open the fabric of reality in detonating the Atomic Bomb in New Mexico. When Man unleashes revolutionary technology, ET is often there. Whether it is nuclear technology, new radar, jet aircraft, V-2 rockets, advanced stratospheric balloons, or hurling space capsules – ET seems attracted. They take interest and observe and tease us. Have they turned their attention to Utah and Dugway?


In the first video below from January 26, 2011, a local Utah TV station reports on the sudden and disturbing shutdown of all operations at Dugway and the “lockdown” of everyone who worked there. In the second video is another Utah TV station report, which details the UFO sightings of two witnesses that occurred close to the time of the Dugway lockdown, and airs the video that was taken of the sighting that night, showing strange ‘light-form’ UFOs that made unusual maneuvers near the base and dropped a glowing material, just two hours after the Dugway event:



Colonel George Weinbrenner was the Chief of the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Air Materiel Command (AMC) for a period of seven years during the 1960s and 1970s. He was responsible for providing leadership and expertise to the Air Force and to the intelligence community on matters relating to the analysis of Soviet (or other enemy state) aircraft, missiles or similar technologies that came into the possession of the United States. He helped lead ATIC, and he retired as Commander of Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX after decades of decorated service to our country.


His name has emerged three times in relation to the subject of UFOs over the decades: in the 1970s, 1990s and lastly in 2010. This final word from him on the matter was made after he was long-retired, near death and free to speak the truth. And this is when he identified “Utah” as vital to confirming that ET has crashed to Earth.

1) The first time that Weinbrenner’s name is found in relation to the saucer subject is in testimony from filmaker Bob Emenegger. Emenegger states that in 1973 he and his associate Allan Sandler were invited to Norton Air Force Base in California to discuss a possible film documentary on “advanced research projects.” Two military officials (one the A/V Director of the Base and the other a senior AFOSI officer) mentioned that one of these “projects” involved UFOs. Film was even offered for inclusion in the documentary of a landed UFO and occupants at a base in the desert! Predictably, the film was never forthcoming, with excuses given that it was not the right time, given the political strife in the US at the time.


Sometime later, Emenegger had occasion to visit one of his military contacts, Colonel George Weinbrenner, at Weinbrenner’s office at Wright-Patterson. Emenegger naturally took the opportunity to ask Weinbrenner about the odd affair at Norton. What of UFOs and their reality? What about this film of a landed UFO with occupants? Emenegger explains, “Weinbrenner would not acknowledge anything I was saying, but with a wink he seemed to know what I was talking about.” Emenegger says that when he brought up the sensitive subject, “the Colonel stood up and complained in a loud voice, ‘That damn MIG 25! Here we’re so public with everything we have. But the Soviets have all kinds of things that we don’t know about. We need to know about the MIG 25!'" Then Weinbrenner immediately went to a bookshelf, and, continuing his strange monologue about "the MiGs”, handed to Emenegger a copy of Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s 1972 book The UFO Experience. Emenegger noted that Hynek himself had signed the book, and that he had inscribed a dedication to Wienbrenner. Emenegger explains that “it was like a scene from a Kafka play.” He feels that the Colonel’s unusual behavior was an awkward attempt at confirming the reality of ET while making sure that the conversation was not overheard – or that anyone might realize what he was really implying. One is reminded of how “the Soviets” are often used as an excuse and “code word” for aliens, as when RAAF Commander Butch Blanchard said to a friend about the Roswell crash, “Those Russians have some amazing things.”


2) The second time that Colonel Weinbrenner appears in the UFO literature is in relation to Roswell. Former Roswell investigator and proponent Kent Jeffrey authored the pro-“Roswell Declaration” and collected 20,000 signatures urging disclosure, but became disenchanted by Roswell some years later. Jeffrey, even after becoming a skeptic, for some reason still decided to seek out former high-level officers associated with Wright-Patterson AFB Air Materiel Command (AMC) to get their “take” on Roswell. In 1997 Jeffrey located three former high-ranking officers formerly associated with Wright-Patterson AMC who served there from the 1960s onward. Jeffrey elicited from these three officers a signed statement that was highly dismissive of the Roswell crash scenario as an ET event. The names of these officers were Colonels Walter Klinikowski, Walter Vitunac…and George Weinbrenner. Although these three were associated with AMC years after the Roswell crash in ‘47, they all insisted that if it were ET, they still “would have known about it.”


Apparently Jeffrey never considered that these three were deceiving him. But I have. And in fact, I know that at least George Weinbrenner was being “disingenuous” with Jeffrey about Roswell: Jeffrey indicates in his paper on this, “After my conversations with Klinikowski and Vitunac, Harry Cordes, a former 509th pilot and a retired Brigadier General, suggested that I call a former acquaintance of his, George Weinbrenner, who was also at the FTD.” Jeffrey does not make clear how he came to contact Cordes. And Jeffrey apparently did not ask General Cordes himself what his “take” on Roswell was. Had he done so, Jeffrey may today be a “Roswell believer.” This is because I have communicated at length with General Cordes’ widow, Rogene, who tells a far different story about what people at Wright knew about Roswell. In fact Rogene and her husband lived in Roswell at the time of the crash and knew Sheriff Wilcox and other principal players in the Roswell saga. They also lived in Columbus when at Wright themselves.


In my January 06, 2010 article archived on this site, The General’s Widow: A Roswell Tell-All, the story is told more completely. Rogene's husband, General Henry Nations Cordes, was one of the great military leaders in modern history. Cordes, for instance, trained pilot Gary Powers to fly the U-2 on his Russian mission. Cordes was himself stationed at RAAF in 1947, later at Wright-Patterson and at Area 51, and still later employed by the CIA. He ultimately rose through the ranks to become Deputy Chief of Intelligence for the Strategic Air Command. Rogene explained in some detail that her husband not only believed that some UFOs are interplanetary and that he had seen them while flying in the skies with his own eyes – he also knew that the Roswell crash was of an alien vehicle.


When I asked Rogene why her husband would have referred Jeffrey to a supposed skeptic like George Weinbrenner, Rogene commented that the men were bound by “oath and honor” to never directly confirm such a thing. Though her husband eventually did validate Roswell as ET to her privately, she said that it was a difficult thing for these men to handle or to communicate about in any way. The men might hint and allude to it, or they might “intimate without actually saying it” – and she wouldn’t put it past them to scheme to confuse the issue to people who inquire too much about it. But she also thought it even possible that her husband wanted Jeffrey to talk to Weinbrenner because Weinbrenner might tell him the truth.


3) The third time Weinbrenner discussed UFOs, he confessed his knowledge of alien bodies being stored by the government in Utah. And Dugway Proving Grounds is no doubt the location where the ultimate answer to the saucer mystery would be found:

Pioneering Ufologist Grant Cameron and his highly regarded associate Angelia Joiner were researching the history of George Weinbrenner recently. Both have recently shared with this grateful author some remarkable information. Learning that Weinbrenner retired and suffered ill health in a veteran’s nursing facility (the San Antonio, TX Army Residence Community Center), Cameron and Joiner headed for Texas. Though they were too late to actually speak with Weinbrenner (who had just passed, in March of 2010) they were fortunately able to locate and speak with his long-time caretaker at the nursing facility, as well as the caretaker’s husband. Weinbrenner had no children and his wife is now entirely incapacitated. He had few close relatives, and found a trusted friend and companion in his assisted living caretaker. In the winter of his life, Weinbrenner’s caretaker was essentially his only “family.”


Weinbrenner would often speak to her about things like aerospace, his military history and similar things. Once the subject of UFOs came up between them. Weinbrenner – ever the hinter – gave her his cherished 1979 “Star Wars” passport souvenir as a token of his interest in things ET. This is reminiscent of how Weinbrenner had, decades previously, handed to Emenegger a copy of a pro-UFO book to confirm to him ET truth.


Then just several months before he died – remembering their earlier conversation about UFOs – Weinbrenner told her something in a serious tone that stunned the woman:


He confirmed to her that extraterrestrials are real. She looked at him incredulously. He added:


“We have five aliens in Utah.” Apparently catching himself, George would comment no more.


In six short words, Weinbrenner said so much: The alien presence is actual and it is being covered up. At some point in the past the government had retrieved the remains of crashed extraterrestrial beings. There are (at least) five of them. These five creatures are stored and preserved securely at an installation in Utah.


After the Colonel passed on, the caretaker and her husband naturally reflected on Weinbrenner’s disturbing and enigmatic statement concerning ”the government having dead aliens in Utah.” They searched to find any mention of Weinbrenner, the military and UFOs and eventually located Bob Emenegger. The caretaker’s husband then explained to Emenegger that his wife was told by Weinbrenner, in his last months, that aliens were in fact real and that we had stored five of them “in Utah.” From the grave, Emenegger had finally received the confirmation that he had sought from Weinbrenner those many years ago.


Ufologist Cameron was able to locate a second cousin to Weinbrenner. The cousin confirmed that Weinbrenner’s health issues were mostly physical – he had been recovering from a broken hip. However the cousin made it clear that Weinbrenner was in no way suffering from anything like Alzheimer’s, though he was increasingly forgetful and less focused. The cousin would neither “confirm nor deny” the recent development of the Utah alien story and his late cousin. He did however say that he could see how Weinbrenner would have been involved in official UFO study given his position. He also said that his cousin had related to him that earlier in his career he “thought he was being watched.” Weinbrenner had related a time, for instance, when he believed that his apartment in Prague was bugged. This is interesting as it helps corroborate Emenegger’s story of meeting Weinbrenner at Wright-Patterson and Weinbrenner seeming concerned that he was being “listened in on” – and that this is why he “spoke in riddles” while silently handing to Emenegger a pro-UFO book signed by Hynek and personally dedicated to Weinbrenner.


What makes this story about Weinbrenner and UFOs even more intriguing is this:


Weinbrenner spoke of dead aliens being stored by the government in Utah. Tellingly, Weinbrenner retired as Commander of Brooks AFB. Brooks is home to the prestigious US Air Force School For Aerospace Medicine. During his time there, Weinbrenner directed the study of the physical effects of flight (and crashes) on the bodies of pilots and their flight crew. Weinbrenner certainly had professional interest and prior experience with dead bodies fallen from the skies.


Battelle Memorial Institute (a key US federal contractor that operates many of our National Laboratories) has been historically confirmed to have provided UFO sightings analysis to the USAF in support of the official inquiry, Project Blue Book. Battelle originally wanted its name withheld from the public about its work in providing UFO evaluations to the government. One of Battelle’s researchers, Dr. Howard Cross, has been confirmed to have been

involved in other UFO studies beyond Blue Book for several US military and intelligence agencies. Other information suggests that Battelle’s analysis of the phenomenon may have been extended well beyond the 1940s and 1950s.


Battelle was also likely involved in the investigation and attempted replication of the “memory metal” debris found crashed near Roswell in 1947. This information has been related in five articles by this author that are archived on this site. It reflects a multi-year (and still ongoing) investigation by several people. This story is also told in overview in the concluding chapter of the revised edition of the book Witness to Roswell. Googling the keywords: Roswell + Battelle will also produce search results to websites worldwide discussing this complex but intriguing aspect of the Roswell mystery.


Very interestingly, Battelle Memorial Institute maintains offices and facilities at Dugway Proving Grounds. And the kind of facilities they maintain may be telling. Truly, Battelle seems “ever present” when it comes to UFO and crash-related investigation!


Buried within Battelle’s website list of its over 100 “major technology centers,” “specialized facilities,” “offices” and “subsidiaries and affiliates” is a mention of the Battelle installation at Dugway Proving Grounds. Battelle quietly supports highly-classified technical activities at Dugway through at least three of its divisions, including its “Life Sciences” Division. Battelle’s website devotes a very short profile on its Life Sciences Division: “From aerobiology to virology, from biostatistics to toxicology, Battelle’s Life Sciences technical disciplines support development, delivery, testing and evaluation of innovative solutions.” It also engages in applied microbiology and conducts deep characterization of novel biological materials and genetic and biochemical studies of every conceivable type.


Battelle also has an associated Design/Build Division with capabilities for creating laboratories and other specialized facilities. In reviewing the few available open-source documents that mention Battelle’s facility design and construction management work at Dugway, it was learned that Battelle has engineered Enclosed Testing Facilities and Sealed Structures at Dugway that, according to a Battelle technical report, “meet stringent containment standards, providing a degree of protection that has never been achieved before.” Battelle’s facility design services to government also include specialized facilities such as “clean rooms” and cryogenic storage systems. It is believed that Battelle also offers classified “Laboratory Security” services at Dugway.


Ostensibly, the work by Battelle that is performed at Dugway has prosaic, defense-related applications. Its Design/Build Division is involved in engineering systems for the containment and storage of highly toxic materials. Battelle’s Life Sciences Division examines the effects of such substances on human and animal tissue and cells. I would add that:


Battelle’s “Life Sciences” professionals would likewise be expert in applying the latest technologies to the continuing study of the alien life form. And Battelle’s expertise in the “containment and storage of bio-materials” could be applied in the design of systems required for the preservation of extraterrestrial corpses. And their “Laboratory Security” division could keep the quiet about it.



It is very likely that when Colonel George Weinbrenner confessed to his knowledge of “five alien bodies stored in Utah”, he meant Dugway, given what we know today about the facility. His mention of “Utah” was hinting enough. He did not want to ‘break oath’ by identifying a precise location. But why Dugway?


  • Dugway serves as the central source for information on biological material issues for all Commanders-in-Chief and Services. For over six decades they have acted as this source.


  • Though there are other military installations in Utah, Dugway is (as a Deseret Morning News reporter once said) “the single most secretive site in all of Utah.”


  • Its isolated physical location is uniquely suited for such “alien containment”.


  • It is an installation that is apparently testing secret, advanced craft with almost “ET-like” characteristics. This demonstrates that Dugway engages in technical programs that go well beyond its publicly-acknowledged mission.

  • Battelle Memorial Institute (implicated in UFO and debris studies by this author) maintains a presence at Dugway. Battelle is engaged in providing Life Sciences Research, Laboratory Security and Classified Facility Design services.


  • Dugway is home to the most advanced facilities in the world designed for the containment, storage and preservation of highly exotic biological material


In the search for where the bodies from Roswell are today, we must consider logical locations. Based on information that has been gained – and that is continuing to unfold – Dugway seems a likely candidate for where the unearthly corpses could well be kept.

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