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(Feb 2018)


UFO debris, memor metal


The New York Times recently exposed the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” as a secret, multimillion dollar Pentagon UFO program which ran from 2009-2012. Included in the New York Times investigation was a very interesting claim: that the program had studied people who said they had experienced “physical effects” from their encounters with UFO material. The newspaper also stated that contracts were let by the US Government to private contractor Bigelow Aerospace to “specially modify” facilities to store UFO alloys recovered by US forces. “Physical effects” is a very interesting term to describe what some of the UFO material is doing to individuals. It means to affect a change in the functioning of the body. Frequently such effects can mean symptoms of nausea and disorientation, rash or eruptions, vision problems, or sleep and mood disorders.


Such debris are “out of place artifacts” that are not yet meant to be. They are things that are not from our past or present nor are they from our planet. Exposure to these items represents the premature arrival of the future and could be disorienting to some people. Can some of these metals make you “metally” ill?


The newspaper reported that Bigelow Aerospace was awarded a contract to “specially modify” facilities in Las Vegas to house UFO debris or crash material. One of the possible reasons for the government contracting Bigelow to “modify” the buildings is to help to shield those who may be sensitive to interaction with such material while working with it.


And this is not the first time that such aversion or repulsion to contact with such metalloids has been reported.




At the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, three military men reported that handling the debris gave them “issues” including obsessive washing. Incredibly, even animals were repelled by the Roswell UFO metalloids.

Sgt. LeRoy Wallace

Wallace was a Sergeant at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947. His widow spoke with researchers some years ago. She indicated that her husband had told her that he was ordered with others out to the debris field north of Roswell where a UFO had crash landed. Wallace was made to comb through the field and pick up “anything that didn’t move.”  When he returned home that evening, his widow recalls that her husband said he felt “dirty.” He simply could not feel that he could get clean. She said that he scrubbed himself raw with lye soap for 10 days, exclaiming to her that he should never have touched the weird, sky-fallen metals.


Sgt. John Tiffany


According to his namesake son John, Tiffany was a Tech Sgt. stationed at Wright Field during the summer in 1947 when a saucer crashed to earth. His father told him that he had been sent to Fort Worth, Texas Army Air Field to pick up strange metallic wreckage and a large cylindrical container that had reminded him of a giant thermos bottle. Tiffany described the metal as being lightweight and tough. It had a smooth, glass-like finish. It could not be marked or dented. Tiffany told him that he did not like handling the material at all. In fact, Tiffany indicates, the material “was so foreign to him” that he felt as though it was impossible to get fully clean after touching the alloy.


Sgt. Charles Randall


Authors Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, in a Roswell update newsletter that they issued in 1994, mention a Tech Sergeant Charles Randall. Randall’s daughter Terrie of Portland, OR stated that in 1953 her father told her about his involvement at the UFO crash incident at Roswell. He told her that he was ordered with others to retrieve and recover unusual metal-like material in a field north of Roswell in 1947. He handled some of the material, as did some of his friends. He did not like touching it for, as she described it “fear of its effects” on him and his comrades. Randall died in 1976.


The Sheep That Wouldn't Cross The Field

Sgt. LeRoy Wallace, Roswell
6’9” Sgt. LeRoy Wallace

Investigator Tom Carey indicates that the debris field at Roswell had affected the ranch animals in a very strange way. The son of ranch manager Mack Brazel, Bill Brazel Jr., and Mack’s granddaughter Fawn Fritz, explained that the sheep would not cross or enter the field where the UFO debris had fallen and subsequently been retrieved by the military. In fact, according to Brazel’s relatives, the sheep refused to go anywhere near the field where the metal had fallen for a full two years after the crash! Mack had to divert the sheep a mile back and forth to get to their regular watering hole. Had the UFO metal somehow “imprinted” on and tainted the earth itself, making animals (who are often known to be very sensitive to subtle emanations or frequencies) refuse to go near?



Some people are allergic to certain metals. For instance, contact dermatitis (redness and irritation) can occur on the skin of sensitive individuals who wear nickel or copper rings or bracelets. And exposure to rare earth metals like arsenic and cadmium can kill you. Metals can exert profound effects. Metal like silver can conduct electricity, and some metals, such as cobalt and iron, are highly magnetic.

If terrestrial metals have these abilities to perform and to affect people, imagine what alloys that are not made by man do to the men who behold them? Perhaps the debris generated or resonated a field or frequency of which we are not yet familiar. And just as UFOs themselves have been

known to leave physical traces, turning off and on lights and cars, etc., it is likely that their debris – their materials of construction – may also leave their marks.


Some alloys, such as the memory metal Nitinol, may have a “mental component” to their composition. In fact, this relationship between mind and metal was explored in the early 1970s by the US Navy. Psychic Uri Geller was brought into the Naval Labs in Maryland by Dr. Frederick Wang. Geller was tested to see if he could affect a Nitinol wire placed in a glass vacuum container. Geller was able to create a “knot” in the metal wire without touching it.


Though extraterrestrial artifacts likely are comprised of elements common to earth, it is the process that is key. It is the way in which the visiting ET have created alloys (perhaps in the weightlessness of outer space) that bring out unique characteristics and desired properties. And if there is a connection between the mind and certain metals, we may be dealing with the “metally ill.”

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