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Aug 2017




Former George W. Bush

Press Secretary Dana Perino


The Press Secretary for President George W. Bush has had a long-time interest in the Roswell UFO crash of July 1947. Decades after the official Air Force determination that the crash was that of a Project Mogul balloon, this senior Bush official does not accept their explanation and still wants answers about the true nature of the incident.

  • Her interest was so intense that she privately and directly asked the President of the United States what really happened at Roswell. Bush’s response to her was intriguing.

  • She is convinced of the existence of what she calls “the Roswell Files” 


  • She believes that the CIA holds these files 


  • She maintains that it should be top priority for a President to gain access to such files

  • She continues to hint that there is more to it than has been said, and that she knows some of it



Dana Perino was the 27th White House Press Secretary and the nation’s second female (after Dee Dee Myers) to hold this important role. She served from 2007-January 20th, 2009 for President George W. Bush and was Bush’s Assistant Press Secretary (under Scott McClellan) from 2005-2007. Perino served by appointment of, and at the pleasure of the President. During Perino’s five years in the White House, she was extremely close to President Bush and remains so to this very day. Perino also was (and is) very, very close to former Vice President and Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.

She began her communications career as a reporter for a CBS affiliate in Illinois and became the Spokesperson for the Department of Justice in the early 2000’s before being named Assistant to the President for Bush and White House Press Secretary. Perino held SCI/Top Secret clearance, a fact she revealed in a July 6, 2016 tweet, calling it “an honor to be trusted.”


Today Perino is a regular co-host on FOX-TV News’ highly rated The Five and can be seen as a guest on The View and other talk shows, as well as being a political commentator on several programs.



On the September 7, 2015 broadcast of The Five on Fox News, the panelists included Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino. The transcript of this broadcast can be found archived on the Fox News website.


The subject of one segment of the show centered on each panelist detailing what would be the very first thing that each would do if elected President of the United States. Here is an excerpt:


Bolling: “The first thing in office would be I would pull the Iran nuclear deal right off the bat. I think it is the most dangerous, the more pressing danger to America…


Gutfeld: “All right. Strong. OK. Dana?"


Perino: “I feel a little different. I would close the door of the Oval Office and spend a little quiet time in prayer. And I would ask for some guidance and strength because the decisions that are going to come their way. And then I would call up the CIA and ask them to bring me the Roswell Files.”


Gutfeld: “Nice!”


Perino: “Because I’ve always wanted to know.”


Perino was not joking, she did not qualify her statements, and her co-hosts did not find that she was “putting them on.” In fact, this is not the first time she has talked about Roswell, not by a long shot. 


And what is especially interesting is that Perino, despite having served at the highest levels of federal government, did not believe the Air Force had provided the truth about what happened at Roswell when they publicly concluded it was the crash of a secret spy balloon train in 1997.




A former co-host of The Five was Bob Beckel. Beckel was close to Perino, despite their differing political leanings. Beckel is now a political commentator with CNN. He was a former Democratic strategist and Presidential Campaign Manager, and was President Jimmy Carter’s Special Legislative Assistant and later, Assistant Secretary of State.


On the April 25, 2013 broadcast of The Five, the subject of the validity of conspiracies comes up. Here is a snippet of what was said with Beckel and Perino as co-hosts:


Beckel: “I think – and I have to be careful on how I say this, I think that there absolutely have been visitors from other places on this planet. There have been things from outer space that have been kept quiet.”


Perino: “Roswell?”


Beckel: “I don’t want to talk about it.”


He did not say this jokingly, and he did not make further comment, instead moving on to another host’s personal story.


That Perino immediately chimed in “Roswell?” ahead of comments from other panelists and that she associated “things from outer space” that have “been kept quiet” with Roswell is interesting.


What is also interesting is that Perino knew that Beckel was close to President Jimmy Carter. As part of the Carter administration, Beckel may have been made privy to the truth about “visitors from other places” as Beckel puts it. Carter not only reported his own UFO sighting, but if Shirley MacLaine is to be believed, Carter told her during a private visit some years ago that we have been visited by ET but that he cannot publicly state this. 




A former member of The Five program’s production team is known to this author. In a phone conversation with me, this individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) said of Perino, “I heard her speak about Roswell several times when I was there. It was weird. It was as if she knew something about it – really knows something major – and wanted to leak it. It was as if she was feeling people out about it. I know she is real, real close to the Bushes and to Cheney…so, you know what I mean?”


Dana is known to have “leaked” information to the Press several times during her tenure in the White House and speaks about “leaks” often in her television appearances. Is she “leaking” about Roswell?


She has some banter with one of her co-hosts Greg Gutfeld from time to time, and that joking extends to Twitter. On May 8, 2012 at 12:50 PM, while she is in a tweet ‘feud’ with him, she makes a humorous but perplexing tweet: “Where does it end? And who ends up with Roswell? Maybe @greggutfeld relatives landed in Roswell some time ago.” Gutfeld himself has mentioned Dana’s interest in ET.


Dana and George.jpg

Perino’s website,, included an interview published November 5, 2012. The interviewee was Dana, and conservative activist and columnist Lisa De Pasquale posed the questions. In the online article, entitled “De Pasquale’s Dozen with Dana Perino”, twelve questions are asked of Perino. The first question reveals Perino’s obsession with being President and knowing what really happened at Roswell. Here is De Pasquale’s question and Perino’s stunning reply:


De Pasquale: “What one thing would you do as President just because you could?”


Perino: “I once asked President Bush about this: whether, when he took over, he asked to see the Roswell Files.” 


“He just winked.” 

It is not certain whether he had asked to see the files, or if perhaps he was being humorous.

What is certain is that in her interview with De Pasquale in 2012, she replied in the same way to the very same question as she did on the 2015 episode of The Five! On both the Fox News program and in her website interview, she said that Roswell would top her list of things to do if she were President. She also used the term “Roswell Files” both times to describe what would be in the “President's Book of Secrets.” 

On both the Fox News program and in her website interview, she said that Roswell would top her list of things to do if she were President. She also used the term “Roswell Files” both times to describe what would be in the “President's Book of Secrets.”


In fact, Perino herself is seen briefly in a 2010 History Channel documentary called “The President's Book of Secrets”. It is promoted as “a journey inside the White House to unveil information about secrets known only to Presidents and kept in a file.” 


Left unanswered (despite numerous attempts by this author to reach Ms. Perino directly) are these questions:


How does she know about the existence of “the Roswell Files” that are "held by the CIA” in the first place?


What has she learned independently about Roswell to hold these beliefs?


What does she know about the incident that would make finding out what happened a top priority if she were President?

Perino is a well-connected and capable woman. She has no doubt asked those at the highest levels about the subject. As mentioned earlier in this piece, Perino is extremely close to Dick Cheney who has long been thought to have been ‘read into’ the UFO program. Perino and he are both from Wyoming and they even exchange Christmas cards and puppy photos. 

In 2002, Cheney told a radio show caller who asked if UFOs were ever discussed officially, “If I did attend such a meeting it would be classified and I would be unable to discuss it.” And during a campaign stop, MUFON State Section Director Charles Huffer asked Bush if he would open up on UFOs, to which Bush pointed to Cheney and said, “Sure I will. This man knows, he was Secretary of Defense.” 


USAF letter re UFOs

And the significance of Bush’s reaction to Dana’s Roswell question was meaningful. He could have simply replied to her: “The Air Force found that it was a secret spy balloon and they reported on it 10 years ago.” Or he could have said, “It’s a bunch of bull.” But he did not. And he knew that the question was asked of him in all seriousness, with Perino expecting a serious reply.


His wink means something more than meets the eye. He has been photographed winking ‘knowingly’ or in acknowledgement on numerous occasions, as pictured at left. No joke about that wink. Photos found on Google Images show his wink to the Queen and even the Dali Llama. 


In fact, the Bush wink was so well known as his way of sending a message of “tacit acknowledgement” that someone has made a slow-motion 8 second YouTube video of it, seen below:


Wikipedia defines wink: “A wink is an informal mode of non-verbal communication usually signaling shared hidden knowledge or intent.

While Bush may only affirm the reality of Roswell with expressive eyes, Dana affirms that reality with her words.

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