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(Originally published Sept 2019)


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On any given day, you can see UFO news stories alongside the latest updates on climate change. This fact was not lost on the New York Times which, on September 21 2019, mentioned the irony of media coverage of both the global protest calling for action on climate change, and the coverage of the day’s gathering outside the secret military base Area 51 of those demanding the truth about the alien presence supposedly hidden there. The paper notes that some activists were interested in both the Area 51 raid and the strike for climate events. Does this coverage reflect a link between ET and the environment?


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Are the extraterrestrial and the terrestrial ecologically tied together in some unknown way?


  • How a scientist with a famous government think–tank correctly made the ET-Environment connection in a stunning report for a US Air Force UFO study 70 years ago.


  • What the UFO vehicle itself teaches us about environmental stewardship.


  • What a world-renowned Harvard psychiatrist confessed to this author about his turn to environmentalism due to extraterrestrial visitation.


  • Are the warnings of impending environmental doom made by extraterrestrials to contactees, abductees and channelers over the years, now actually coming to pass?


  • ET as Environmental Scientist: their visitations as a continuing Earth-monitoring program



The visiting alien must have mastered sustainability. If the alien is alive, he lives in an environment. That environment may be his native one, or one of many that he is capable of visiting, colonizing or even creating. The alien has achieved a state in which the demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow the alien culture to live well, both now and in the future.

They are not coming here to take over our world because they are escaping their pollution-destroyed world. No, they visit because we our destroying ours. We are contaminating and depleting the valuable resource Earth by pollution while at the same time, we take our pollution out into the larger Universe to perhaps one day destroy other planets in the same way. We

ET Tree Hugger

have already littered the solar system with our space debris, spent vehicles and left items. Much of this contains heavy metal contaminants.


The “UFOs” themselves are very instructive about environmental stewardship and provide aspirational goals to our own aero capabilities one day:


  • The vast majority of their vehicles are not noisy–they are silent–and do not contribute to noise pollution, even when clearly breaking the sound barrier.


  • The vast majority of their vehicles do not leave trails of black sooty emission and do not appear to pollute the air they traverse. Because of these UFO features and because they are able to come from planets light years from here, they must be by a system with extreme energy efficiency.


  • Those who have reported on UFO interiors describe them as being “efficient”, saying that they are spartan and that the lighting seems to emanate from everywhere, evenly and softly with no apparent source.


  • Most importantly, the UFO represents the alien’s discovery and application of power sources that are clean and limitless. They have gone from carbon-burning to energy technologies of unimaginable efficiency.




What humans do, affects what ET does, because human reach extends to others.  Our ecology affects their ecology. We find ourselves embedded in a galactic ecosystem. Our planet holds important mineral and rare earth resources. It also holds the DNA of unique plant and animal life. To lose them on Earth may mean to lose them forever throughout the Universe. In the same way that we have interest in making sure natural or living things do not go extinct on Earth, and preserve them, ET does too. ET does not accept a human-centered worldview for “man’s sake”. Instead, they know that life exists for its own sake. ET monitors to assure that we do not affect a complete and irreversible enviro-disaster. We are approaching that tipping point, and that is why the visits are more frequent. 


Over the decades, UFOs and their occupants have been seen to conduct some sort of environmental monitoring. They have been witnessed to:


  • Perform soil sampling and even take water samples out of bodies of water (see Wanaque, NJ mass UFO sightings stories series by going to Article Archive section of

  • Hover over nuclear plants and facilities

  • Extract blood and tissue from cattle mutilation, perhaps for testing for various environmental contaminants and pollutants. Bovine hemoglobin is very similar to human’s, and bovine collagen can serve as a skin support in humans.

  • Be seen deep in the jungles of Puerto Rico as well as the Amazon, areas of the Earth that are endangered ecological reserves and that are home to species and vegetation found nowhere else on our planet and likely any other.


We see the visiting alien as hyper-technological, cool and austere, super-sleek of design. But I strongly suspect this is an incomplete view of ET. They likely inhabit a very colorful world replete with a diversity of creatures and plants on landscapes which they find suitable. They must breathe an atmosphere agreeable to their makeup, they must nourish from the bounty of their lands and they must drink of liquid that meets their consumption standards. If they are living and sentient, they must be concerned about their environment. The more advanced that they are, the more likely that they understand their impact on the planetary bodies that sustain them.


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For decades, there has been a consistent alien message to humanity warning of the dangers of pollution and defilement of the planet. And over these years, the messages, largely coming from contactees, abductees and channelers, have claimed that the Earth will avenge herself on mankind for this harmful behavior. For instance, 1950s-60s contactee, Englishman George King, was founder and builder of a global organization lasting many years called the Atherius Society, devoted to alien contact.


He made what now can be seen as a stunning prescient statement on an LA TV show on July 19th, 1960. King said that the ETs told him of the effect that man is having: “The ionosphere unit now surrounding your world which normally absorbs a large percentage of cosmic rays, will gradually be taken down so that the cosmic and ultra violet rays may bombard this earth in their full potency." This certainly sounds like a hole in the sky causing global warming – and an idea mentioned by King’s alien decades before our science and press sounded the alarm about the deleterious effects of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere.


Whether or not these folks are actually in contact with ET, they are influenced by the ET concept and construct nonetheless. Whether coming solely from their mind or in tandem with ET, they reflect a sincere and urgent message that: Man is raping the very Mother that sustains him. His Mother Earth. If he does not heed these prophecies and predictions, she will defend and avenge herself through nature and will destroy the ones who suckle her and then seek to destroy her. These people are clearly somehow getting and giving the truth.


RAND logo

RAND Corporation was established in 1946 by the U.S Army Air Force as Project RAND (for Research And Development), and is today registered as a nonprofit organization. It is funded through government contracts, university collaborators and by "private donors". RAND's primary agency clients include the CIA and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA the think tank maintains branches worldwide. RAND's stated mission is to "help to improve policy and decision making through objective research and analysis". Its work is officially conducted "for the public welfare and security of the United States of America". Over 30 Nobel Prize winners have been employed by RAND. From physics to economics, the 2000-person think tank provides high-level information and evaluation to the U.S. government. Deeper review shows that RAND has conducted studies in such areas as weapons development, intelligence gathering and analysis, and the design of sensitive underground installations for the USAF.

Far more concealed is RAND's intimate involvement in highly classified UFO study for the U.S. government: While working for RAND, senior analyst Dr. James E. Lipp wrote one of two scientific reports for the USAF's official UFO study, Project Sign. One was completed in February of 1949 and was classified at the time. In the report, Lipp makes an extraordinarily astute observation:


Lipp notes that by the Spring of 1948, there had been a total of five atomic bomb explosions on Earth. Lipp believed that these explosions could have served as interstellar 'smoke signals' – and that they would be a potential source of extraterrestrial interest, prompting visitation. Man has finally split the atom. He has unleashed nuclear radiation. The UFOs come. Of this RAND report, even skeptic Curtis Peebles notes that Lipp's evaluation may represent "the first U.S. government sponsored study of non-human life in the universe." It also shows that ET likely has environmental impact concerns about our use of such technology. A deliberate or accidental nuclear explosion releases deadly radiation into the environment that not only destroys people and structures, but the environment itself. It contaminates the Earth for amounts of time measured in centuries. And it is interesting that two notable cases (Maelstrom AFB in 1967 where a UFO caused nuclear disablement, and the UFO crash near Roswell AAF where nuclear bomb ready aircraft were stored) make the Rand man look right. The alien is wary of our possession of such powerfully potent ways to destroy our environment.


The late John Mack was a MD, Harvard Professor and Head of Psychiatry, and a Pulitzer Prize Winner. He was also a bestselling author of books on UFOs and the alien abduction phenomena. During the height of his fame in the 1990s, when I lived in Boston, I happened to meet Mack in Cambridge, MA with a group of interested people.


Mack explained that many of his diagnosed “experiencers” (his name for what others call abductees) felt that the aliens were communicating an environmental message about the urgency of literally saving the world, of a planetary ecological crisis that is reaching critical proportions. Mack said that the information about this situation was often powerfully conveyed by these beings.

At the same time that many of the abductees that John

Dr. John Mack

interviewed attested to the technological superiority of the alien race, they also impressed on him the alien’s respect for other living things and the environments in which they live.


It was then that Mack privately took me aside and said to me: “Without a healthy environment, you cannot have a healthy mind. And without health of environment and mind, we will not be invited to intergalactic society.” This really resonated with me. Mack, remember, was an eminent psychiatrist. His words, “Without a healthy environment, you cannot have a healthy mind.” It was then too that Mack confessed to me that he had become himself obsessed with pollution, waste, climate. He was educating himself about the subjects and he said to me that “My ‘conversion’ to being an environmentalist is directly related to my being a Ufologist.” I realized at that moment that it doesn’t matter whether I believed in literal abductions – however that conversion and that awareness of the importance of environment is realized, that is the thing. Indeed, that is the vital thing.


Humanity is an emerging race. It is vulnerable. It is facing a set of circumstances and influences now which it has never had to face before. Perhaps we will not have to face it alone. Just as we make efforts at the preservation of other life on this planet, maybe those on other planets see an interest in helping us to realize the necessity of preserving ourselves and that which sustains us.

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