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(Originally published June/July 2023)


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The UFO phenomenon is so utterly mind-bending that the best way to understand it may be to go out of our minds. Alien craft do not travel like our "pop can" Apollos that use outdated combustion technologies. In order to traverse the cosmos, the outworlder craft must morph the very fabric of reality. To be able to get here they must somehow manipulate space, time, matter, energy and gravity in extra-ordinary ways, creating states of non-ordinary reality.


The old construct of a strictly mechanistic, "nuts and bolts" craft coming to earth does not work. It cannot account for the profoundness of the phenomenon. It is inadequate to explain its many aspects. If the alien is really visiting us, given the vast distances involved, they must necessarily be both interstellar and interdimensional. They are highly advanced extraterrestrials who are simultaneously "ultraterrestrial." They are at their core physical and corporeal, but have applied their science to the point that it appears to us as magical. We are not yet prepared to enter this fantastical world where the physical and the paraphysical intermingle. Until we change our very minds, we cannot go to a such a place. It is a limitation of consciousness. ET works beyond our framework of reference. We are not equipped to handle the premature arrival of the future.


Is this hyperdimensional universe, teeming with alien intelligences, best understood by consuming plants containing certain chemical compounds such as psilocybin-containing "magic mushrooms"? The UFO and its occupants necessarily operate at different levels of "existence" in frequencies and dimensions known and yet to be discovered. Can psychedelic experience and neurochemistry help prepare us for such a world? Is an elevation of consciousness necessary for us to get to the cosmos?


Whether these plant chemicals actually enable contact with the alien is uncertain, but they may help us appreciate at an experiential level the world in which such beings must dwell. Psychedelic environments may allow us to acclimate to a reality for which we must prepare if we want to know the true nature of the alien world.

The visiting alien's world in many ways appears to parallel that of psychedelic experience. The very things that the aliens who come here must have mastered are often experienced during psychedelic sessions:



Matter, bigger and clearer.jpg

In both the psychedelic and alien worlds, there is a "malleability" in matter so that it can take on different states, shapes and densities at will. In psychedelic sessions, matter and material things seem to endlessly shape shift, changing their form. Matter is seen as elastic, "intelligent",

Psychedelic Alien

and continually adaptable. Matter is not immutable. Aliens that are contained in a craft that cross the galaxies to get here must be able to "change up" matter in such a way that it can operate within a different dimension as well as within the physical world. Many UFOs are reported to

be able to "morph" their size and appearance and some of their debris material is said to possess shape recovery, or metal with "memory."




Time, bigger.webp

In both the psychedelic and alien worlds, temporal changes can occur such that the passage of time is altered. It is no longer the irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future. It is beyond that. Psychedelic experiencers report a sense of "existing outside of time" or of "time slowing down." In the same way, alien craft must traverse the universe extra-temporally. Some witnesses have reported alien encounters that have included "lost" time. And certain researchers have even characterized UFOs as "time machines."


In both the psychedelic and alien worlds, all perceived space and distance can be overcome, and linear succession is dissolved. Psychedelic experiencers report that their "travels" are instantaneous and that the space between things appears to "ebb and flow" as well as to "fold." In this same way, vastness is not a barrier to alien technology and they can likely "fold" space.


In both the psychedelic and alien worlds, there is a knowingness that all is energy, or vibratory frequency. It can be manipulated so that existence itself is experienced at varying levels of "intensity" and becomes hyperdimensional. Psychedelic experiencers note that all things -both animate and inanimate- are "alive" with energy. Einstein said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics." The visiting alien applies energy and operates in frequencies that create their desired reality.

Gravity, bigger.png

In both the psychedelic and alien worlds, the pull of gravity can seemingly be "controlled" or even nullified. Alien craft are often observed making maneuvers that "defy gravity." In psychedelic sessions, there is often a sense of weightlessness and of unencumbered floating and soaring above passing sceneries.


And there are other associations between the alien and psychedelic worlds that can be made:


All is One, One is All

In psychedelic sessions, there is a sense of "oneness" and a "great linkage" between all that exists. Everything is "integrated" – above and below, inside and outside, the micro and the macro. "Fractals" or geometric figures are seen, each part of which has the same characteristics as the whole. It becomes apparent that humans--as well as all other lifeforms in the universe--are instantly and eternally "connected" in some type of comprehensive energy grid so that distance and time are no longer limitations. The visiting alien is similarly not bound by these things.


Heightened Senses


Hyper-awareness and enhanced senses are reported in psychedelic sessions. Visual and auditory acuity is said to become markedly increased. Mental conversation with psychedelically-imaged entities is also reported. Such "mental conversation" is akin to the many cases over many decades of people who have communicated "telepathically" with the alien (who must possess superior senses in order to do so). UFOs and their occupants often seem to "know" or anticipate the actions of their observers. Superior sensory acuity is an advantage to a species and visiting beings must have highly sharpened sensory capability.


And the alien, having been able to visit countless planets, has seen colors, heard sounds and tasted things that we have not. In psychedelia, there is an experience of new sounds, ethereal colors and delectable tastes. Some even experience synesthesia, when you experience one sense through another, such as "hearing color" or "smelling sound"--a simultaneous perception of multiple stimuli in one gestalt experience.


High Strangeness


Humans have difficulty dealing with those not like themselves--the Other. They find strange those things with which they are not familiar. But aliens must have witnessed many things that we would see as being highly strange--including of creatures for which we would have nothing to compare. The species diversity that must be inherent in the universe would be overwhelming for most to personally witness.


But psychedelic experiencers report encountering a wild diversity of beings. Some of these are of inexpressible beauty and some are of monstrous appearance.  Psychedelic experiencers become tolerant of such high strangeness. The supernatural becomes natural. They sometimes behold elves, animal hybrids and cartoonish entities. Acclimation to the extreme diversity in the universe will be difficult for humans who have difficulty with diversity on their own planet. But it will be essential for us to acclimate to those who do not appear like us if we are ever to enter the age of star travel.


Oz Factor.webp

British Ufologist Jenny Randles has taken note of altered perceptions and realities when it comes to the UFO. She has named this "the Oz Factor." It is a sense of timelessness and of sensory and spatial changes when in the presence of the unearthly. This is experienced particularly in close encounters such as reported at the famous UFO landing at Bentwaters / Rendlesham Air Base in the UK in 1980. One of the witnesses to the landed craft at Rendlesham Forest near the base had commented on an "otherworldly" feeling. He reports that he had entered a void where only he and the phenomena co-existed. Objects and shadows "bent" and changed shape and it was sensed that time had slowed. The craft changed its configuration and color. Cast shadows were not in synch with the motion of his body. Countless close encounters report very similar effects.

Randles posits that such "outworlders" are contacting humans using consciousness itself, rather than simply with sophisticated technology. But it is not all "paraphysical". In rare cases, Randles believes, the subjective impression of the experiencer is so strong that it manipulates "objective" reality. That is, a person who is caught in the midst of this "Oz Factor" may actually be able to photograph a

craft. Viewing something that is so far removed from their frame of reference, they feel as though they've entered the world of the fantastical.



Terence McKenna, enhanced with Photos.png
Dr. Terence McKenna

The late Dr. Terence McKenna was a Berkeley-trained ecologist and ethnobotanist specializing in the study of psychoactive and psychedelic plants. He was also a modern-day science philosopher who gained cult popularity in the 1990s with his books Food of the Gods, The Invisible Landscape, True Hallucinations and The Archaic Revival.

 McKenna was very direct about his belief in accessing the alien reality by "changing" our perception of reality. He said that when one consumes the psychedelic mushroom containing psilocybin "that you see entities." He continues, "You encounter beings who can be described as self-transforming machine elves. They are the denizens of other planets and are interdimensional. It is a universe filled with aliens' intelligence that can be realized by consuming plants containing certain chemical compounds."


McKenna explained that "nothing can prepare us for its crackling, electronic, hyperdimensional, interstellar, extraterrestrial, science fiction quality. It is a complex space filled with highly polished curved surfaces, malleable machines undergoing geometric transformations and thoughts that condense as visible objects." He adds that the UFO and the alien world that it represents somehow "evokes a strangely mechanistic, but at the same time spiritual, future." He said that their world is difficult for us to begin to comprehend – or even to describe – due to the limitations of language itself.


He believed that "our own future is almost as unimaginable as these 'future' beings are unimaginable. The transformation that leaving our planet will bring necessarily involves transformation of our consciousness. That is the only way that we will be able to take it." He said that "We are not going as 1950s style beings – we are going to have to transform our minds before we are going to be able to leave the planet with any amount of grace. The very idea that as a species we would leave the Earth behind us must be as rending an idea as that a child would leave its childhood home." He said we must fundamentally change the way that we perceive and experience space / time itself to make the leap to the stars.


McKenna preferred psilocybin mushrooms over LSD, explaining that a "purer" and safer psychedelic experience is obtained using organic, living plant material over psychedelic synthetics. McKenna speculated that such mushrooms may in fact be of extraterrestrial origin. Their spores, he noted, have a fondness for flight, are extremely hardy and resilient and would be suited to the vacuum of space. They may have embedded within cosmic debris resulting from celestial events such as supernovas and then carried by cosmic winds to Earth.



Stan Grof
Dr. Stan Grof

Stanislav Grof, now 91, is a renowned transpersonal MD and psychiatrist who pioneered the use of psychedelic psychotherapy in the 1960s to resolve issues of identity, birth, personality, and death. When psychedelics fell out of government funding favor, he spearheaded the development of alternative routes to altered conscious, including a breathwork technique known today as "Holotropic Breathwork." Grof dialogued with the late Dr. John Mack at Harvard about the UFO:


"Conventional approaches to this area are characterized by thinking in terms of a simplistic dichotomy: real material events involving extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien visitors from another part of the physical universe versus hallucinations of the psychotic person." Grof continues that the discoveries of modern theoretical and experimental physics have "dramatically changed the understanding of the physical universe and the relationship between consciousness and matter." Grof said that the research done to establish the physical reality of UFOs is greatly important, but that it is not sufficient for understanding these phenomena. He speaks of our "limitations to things alien" that are imposed by our outmoded model of reality.


In researching non-ordinary states of consciousness to contact the alien, Grof stated: "The UFO flies in through the hole of my psyche that was opened up by transformational experience." It may be that to truly understand the alien astronaut one becomes a "psychonaut."



The visiting alien does, in a sense, have a "home planet." They developed out of that planet's elements. The more advanced of them have the ability to travel anywhere at any time to anywhere that they wish, making the idea of a "home planet" meaningless. They must be capable of dwelling at the frequency of the physical, material world, as well as dwelling in the multidimensional world. 

Mind Space, enhanced with Photos.png

In this sense, to characterize them as strictly "interplanetary" is not correct. They are beyond that. They may dwell on planets at will, but to do so they must go beyond the visible universe where there are myriad universes that co-exist.


And it is not just their craft that do these extra-ordinary things. It necessarily follows that their whole environment, and any environment in which they may intrude, can have space, time, gravity, energy, matter and mind altered in any way that they wish. It is a hyper technical world for which most of us would be entirely unready.


Though it is not certain that we actually dwell with the alien when in expanded consciousness, such mental voyage is certainly highly instructive and gives us a window into their world. We are not getting hard and fast answers from objective research. Perhaps subjective research can help with getting the answers, to be found by each individual as his or her mind-set allows.

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