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(originally published April 2013)


A team of investigators (of which this author is part) has renewed efforts to find and contact the very last living veterans of the Army Air Force who were at Roswell during the time of a UFO crash that occurred in early July of 1947. Some of these now octogenarian witnesses have opened up publicly for the very first time – and some of what they say can only be described as chilling. If the testimony of one particular Roswell vet holds true, then the Air Force explanation of a Mogul balloon train accounting for a crashed UFO cannot be. This is because the vet maintains that the Provost Marshal of the base had issued to him the most extreme and dreaded of commands: He was ordered to “shoot to kill” anyone who tried to enter the hangar in which the crash debris was stored. One would not be commanded to kill over a balloon. Serviceman Calvin Cox has held secret his disturbing Roswell experience for decades. He was ordered to never speak of it. And he never has...until now.




To “shoot to kill” on officer’s orders supersedes the normal protocol to apprehend and arrest. It means to instantly end another person’s life as judge, jury and executioner.

One such serviceman dutiful enough to do this was PFC Calvin Cox. Cox is pictured in the Roswell Army Air Field Base Yearbook for 1947, and other information indicates that he was attached to the 3rd Photo Lab. Cox was found by me during the course of trying to locate those who were with the Photo Lab at that time. One serviceman who was also affiliated with the Lab, Gene Neiderschmidt, had suggested that I contact a Calvin Cox “who knew some things he might now be open to talking about.” Gene explained that Cox had actually guarded the hangar where the debris was taken. Gene added, “and what he tells you is true. He would have done anything if he was ordered to, anything. He was a tough kind of guy.”


I reached Calvin Cox by phone very recently. His story was one that he was at first reluctant to tell. But what he did relate was remarkable. Calvin explained that he held Top Secret clearance. When the debris from the Roswell crash was being brought to base, Calvin states the he was commanded to perform very urgent guard duty at Hangar 84. It would be a four hour shift. The Provost Marshal, Major Edwin Easley, instructed Calvin to guard a portion of the inside of the huge hangar. And Calvin did this. But what gives him pause even today are the forceful orders that he was given that extraordinary day:


Major Easley had commanded Calvin in absolute terms to “shoot and kill anyone who tried to enter the hangar that was not authorized to do so.”


And Calvin adds that he was then told by the Major that he would not be using his standard-issue weapon for guard duty. Instead, Easley issued Calvin a submachine gun to be used with deadly force should anyone try to cross:


Cox said that there was a guard placed both outside and inside the entrances to the hangar. He was not to go beyond a rope that was placed just a few feet inside the hangar entrance. Despite this, Calvin had the opportunity to view some of the incoming Roswell debris from a distance. He saw some of the crash material sticking out of a 60 foot flatbed, filling perhaps just half of the trailer’s capacity. He indicates that it appeared that the crash material may have been metal-like, but that he could tell it was protruding out in beams and appeared shiny and smooth. Some of it may have had a burnished or tarnished coloring. Far back in the poorly lit hangar he could see about 30 feet of strange, structured metal-like material that was similar to what he had seen in the flatbed.


Cox states that at no time during this event did he see anything resembling a balloon or balloon train. He remembers the newspapers later stating that the disc was found out to have been a balloon after all – and personally knowing that was not true but being unable to say anything.

Hangar 84 at Roswell Base today

Calvin believes that Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel’s late-in-life disclosures about finding material in the desert not from Earth are true. Calvin says that Jesse was “straight forward” and that Jesse was set up as a “fall guy.”


After the crash, Calvin noticed that there were personnel around the base in great numbers that he knew to have been affiliated with intelligence agencies, including both the FBI and the OSI.


When I asked him what happened to the debris, Cox said that he knew that pilot Captain Oliver “Pappy” Henderson was involved in flying some of it out to another location. (Many years ago, researchers documented that Henderson had confessed to family that he had personally seen the alien bodies and strange debris.)


Calvin today maintains that what he guarded must have been of such importance that it affected national security. And he believes that what crashed was “piloted.” When I asked by whom, he replied with a question: “Do you believe in aliens?”


Maj. Edwin Easley, Provost Marshal

Major Edwin Easley was the Provost Marshal at Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947. A Provost Marshal is the head of the Military Police group at a base of military operations. He is the officer in charge of this unit and thus is responsible for military discipline, maintaining order and other police functions. Easley was the one who issued the kill order to Calvin Cox. It is believed that Easley, as Provost Marshal, also secured the crash site.


When Easley was reached in 1991 by researcher Kevin Randle, he was asked if he thought that they were “following the right path” on the true nature of the Roswell crash. Easley asked, “What do you mean?” When it was clarified as referring to “the extraterrestrial path” Easley responded, “Well let me put it to you this way – that’s not the wrong path.” He would say no more, indicating that he was “sworn to secrecy.”


His daughter, Nancy Johnston Easley, has stated that her father said to her that he had made a promise to President Truman not to reveal anything. During his last days Easley finally confirmed to his family members (and to his physician Dr. Harold Granik) that there was a "real crash" that occurred “North of Roswell.” When asked what he had seen out there in the desert, Edwin replied: “Creatures.”

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