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(originally published Aug 2013)

Flying Humanoids 3

Throughout the 2000s, scores of people from Mexico to Arizona to China witnessed (and in many instances videotaped) strange "flying people" in the skies above them. The phenomenon (dubbed "flying humanoids" by media) has continued to perplex those who have observed and researched them. These flying beings have bodies that in many respects resemble those of humans, but they are distinguished from us by often taking the form of a flying robot or even to appear witch-like.


What is this flying entity who has been filmed?  An alien who is traversing our atmosphere without his saucer? An ET-related black ops project? Perhaps an angel without wings? Or are flying "superheroes" (beings with superhuman skills) real?


All of these have been offered up from different quarters as possible answers. But the solution to the mystery is in fact far more down-to-earth, and is revealed here and now:


Flying humanoid 1

The flying humanoids have been visually recorded by dozens of individuals over the past decade or so. Two of the more striking examples of these recordings follow:

The Famous 2007 Monterrey, Mexico Flying Witch
The 2000 Mexico City and the
2005 Phoenix, AZ Flying Humanoids


RC, Remote Control (or Radio Control) technologies for hobbyists are bigger business than most people realize. Everything from toy trucks and boats to kites and UFO-like craft can be remote controlled. And astounding advances in remote signal and digital technology (combined with advances in flight stabilization and control) have allowed for silent hovering, extreme vertical takeoff and other remarkable flight maneuvers.


But in the past decade or so, a considerably large group of hobbyists have been experimenting with unusually configured RC aerials - including those that are human-shaped.


Today there are whole underground online communities that bring together RC hobbyists with a special interest in unique craft configurations.

Flying Humanoid

This author has penetrated private, password protected websites hosted offshore with forums that discuss such things as techniques for enhanced flight performance and secrets to faking anomalous aerial effects and UFOs!


The following two jaw-dropping and revealing short videos finally give us the graphic and definitive answer to the mystery provided by these remarkable Human-Shaped RC Flyers:

The Flying People above New York City
RC Superhero


Plato once noted: "We ought to fly away from earth to heaven as quickly as we can. To fly away is god-like, as far as is possible."


Pink Floyd in "Learning to Fly" sings: "Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies; tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I."


And just like the Socorro UFO hoaxers were young males who are of college/post-college age, those behind the Flying Humanoid phenomena are techno-nerdy, earth-bound misfits.


Man's yearning to soar unencumbered by an aerial vehicle, free of any special suit or device, is reflected in our dreams. We fly away from the world's troubles to soar above with freedom and joy.


These geeky Men of Remote Control have given loft to man's fundamental wish - to fly.

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