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(originally published Oct 2008)


How can the Secret of Roswell be kept? Those doubting the Roswell crash doubt that it could ever be concealed over such a long time. Government is not capable enough to veil such a thing from the governed. They argue that the cover-up would be too vast and too difficult to be effective. And they are wrong.


The ability of government – and the private sector – to maintain extreme secrecy over an extended time is well established. This secrecy has been effective on many different levels and on many different fronts. Technologies, covert activities and even entire organizations have remained hidden from view, even over many decades.


The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) was established in 1960. Its existence was not acknowledged until 32 years later! A letter of lies in my possession from 1975 from the Air Force specifically denied existence of the NRO, although it was by then already 15 years in operation. The National Security Agency (NSA) was created in 1952. Although acknowledged five years later, many of the 40,000 employees of "No Such Agency"' could not mention their employment by the Agency – even to their own families – until the 1990s!


The B-2 Stealth Bomber was optimized in 1979 but not publicly flown until ten years later. The precise ingredients and formula that make Coca-Cola have been kept secret since 1886. Though it is the most manufactured beverage on the planet, only a core group of living people at any one time hold the key to the process. From a bomber to a soft drink – secrets of technology and trade can remain secret.

FEMA's Mt. Weather is a virtual underground city that functions as an emergency haven for the continuity of government. Built deep beneath the Earth in the 1950s, it involved the efforts of thousands of engineers and construction personnel. They could not tell their loved ones where they were and what they were doing. Mt. Weather continued its clandestine operation until the mid 1970s when it was finally acknowledged. Incredibly, members of Congress and their families (who would be housed there in an emergency) also held the secret of this Secret City over decades! Of course Area 51 – the massive Nevada Air Force Installation – makes this same case. Risen from the desert dirt in the 1950's  – and involving the lives of many thousands from all walks of life – the government only tacitly conceded it as "an operating location" in 2003.


Heinous CIA experiments sanctioned against US citizens remained covered up throughout many administrations. Project MKULTRA was a far-ranging CIA-sponsored effort in mind control of the unwitting. Started in the mid-1950's, it was not until 1975 that the screen was lifted on these government acts against mankind. Human radiation experiments involving the poisoning of children and the physically and mentally challenged were conducted from the 1940s through the 1960s on thousands of the unwilling. This was not revealed until the mid-1990s under a Bioethics Committee investigation.


Former OSS (Office of Strategic Services) personnel can only today in 2008 admit to their past employment by OSS in the early 1940s! Only after the passage of over 60 years did the government release these employees from their oaths! And they kept their oaths (like those who kept their Roswell oaths) throughout those six decades! Walter Mess, a 93 year old former OSS agent said to NBC recently, "I was told to keep my mouth shut!" Another, Elizabeth McIntosh, also 93, exclaimed, "Finally, after all these years...I can tell people who I was, what I saw and what I did." Only this year was it revealed that even famed chef Julia Child was an OSS agent!


But perhaps the best evidence that Roswell can be kept hidden is found within ourselves. It is the "hiding" that we do in our own lives, everyday.


All of us – each and every one – has kept personal certain things over the years. This is what makes us all human. And this is why privacy – or keeping secrets – is likely a behavior of instinct. It allows us to cope with unwanted knowledge. Often these "secrets" are held from wives, husbands and children. We even keep our secrets hidden from ourselves. We compartmentalize these secrets in our minds, the most malignant of which are buried in our unconscious. Even in auricular confession to the Holy Man, do you tell all? A tactic that most people use to keep a secret is to simply not think about it – especially in the presence of those from whom the secret must be kept. And secrets are challenging. In prior posts I have shown how holding deep secrets was psychologically destructive to some of the participants who were closest to the Roswell crash.


How has Roswell been kept secret? The skeptics have in many ways answered their own question by continuing to ask.


The real question may be – has Roswell really been kept secret? With the torrent of credible Roswell revelations over the years, the dots are now clearly connected. The ranchers, generals and politicians have told. The scientists, intelligence agents – and even the astronauts – have not kept quiet on the matter. In so doing, they have made peace with history and truth. Roswell is no longer secret.

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