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(Jan 2018)


Trump, UFO, flying saucer


Does the rise of Donald Trump to leader of the free world help us to understand why extraterrestrials have not made open contact with Man? Do his comments and beliefs provide us insight into why beings from elsewhere do not wish to meet us? Do his ideas and actions on immigration, science, and the environment provide clues as to why Man has not received an invitation to celestial society?



Trump’s hateful rhetoric and insulting tweets often center around a black President, the racist “birther” lie, and reference to Mexican immigrants as “criminals and rapists”. He has recently removed the term “diversity” from government websites. He wishes to build a great wall to separate us from our neighbors. He puts travel bans on certain countries with particular religions. He is isolationist in nature and believes us to be superior to all other nations and peoples. Just recently he referred to Africa, El Salvador and Haiti as “shithole countries” and that he does not want their people. He wants people from Norway.

A "real" alien would be the Ultimate Immigrant. It would be viewed as not only "not from our country" – but not even from our own planet. "Nationalism" is endemic to all countries today. It is an engrained ideological apparatus where citizens and the nation-state find common loyalties and identification. We have all cultivated a devotion to the interests and culture of the respective nations in which we live. "Ethnic Identity" is our shared heritage. It can be based on such things as ancestry, traditions, language and territory.


Both of these powerful concepts – nationalism and ethnic identity – contribute to our sense of belonging. But the alien does not "belong". The alien does not fit any of our people's sense of nationalism or of ethnic identity. The alien would not "fit in" to any existing professional, social, racial, legal, class, or caste system. In fact it may well be that they do not share anything with us with which we are familiar. They would be distrusted. Many of us would find it difficult to cultivate a sense of kinship with them. How would you act towards a "stateless" person who does not have a past, an identity or any "ways of being" with which you can relate?


Nationalism and ethnic identity can lead to a "healthy pride." But left unchecked, it can also lead to a negative view of other cultures. It can promote an "Us versus Them" attitude which would not welcome the visiting alien. One could easily envision the uprising of a "One Earth, One People" movement in the wake of the visiting alien.


In ancient times as well as in primitive tribal states, the "foreigner" was viewed as an outlaw, enemy or criminal. Even today there is that same subtle sense that is instilled in many of us. We humans seem forever compelled to draw division. We need to box and label "them" in order to deal with "them." We often blame them. Over the centuries the Irish, Jews, Italians, Black and Latinos have all taken their turns on the bigotry hot-seat. The visiting alien would surely be next in line.


As humans, we seek comfort. And the visiting alien takes us far out of our comfort zone. The fear of moving toward something that is not known is inherent in most all of us. If someone does not know the other person's culture, religion or race – prejudice emerges. And this prejudice stems from the fear of how such exposure might change ourselves. We would be frightened of the huge change that the visiting alien would represent.


The Alien recognizes that the Human is historically unable to get along with other humans of other races, creeds, colors and countries. They see that we even find it difficult to deal with those of a different age group, gender or sexual identity. They see how we avoid those with physical or mental challenge. We build up inaccurate or even hateful mental images of those things to which we are not exposed, about those who are not like us. Sometimes we even demonize them.


Until we are proven able to "get along" as a human race, non-human races will not make open contact with us. They see that humans still cannot even understand each other – and for that reason we would be entirely unable to understand the visiting alien. We are still dealing with the tremendous challenge of being human. We are not ready for non-humans. Until we change our inner selves, our outer world will forever be in conflict.


Until this personal transformation, Man will remain apart from the diversity and full splendor that is the Universe. The alien knows that man cannot handle his own society and would not welcome another’s.



The visiting alien would be the Ultimate Scientist. He would be an accomplished student of the physical and natural world. Because of the very fact that he visits us, we know that he gets his facts based on experiments and observations and that he makes testable explanations and predictions.


Trump, on the other hand, finds facts in tabloids and from cult-like news services. Trump has launched an assault on science and has sought to block public access to scientific data. From naming Rick Perry as Energy Secretary to meeting with a vaccine critic while planning a commission on autism, Trump has proven he distrusts scientific expertise. Just recently he eliminated the phrases “science-based” and “evidence-based” on government websites.

The visiting alien would want to be with people who do not have a disdain for scientific truth.



The visiting alien would have mastered sustainability. If the alien is alive, he lives in an environment. That environment may be his native one, or one of the many that he is capable of visiting. He would have achieved a state in which the demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow the alien culture to live well, now and in the future.

Trump, instead, has launched an assault on the environment. From cutting back on endangered species lists, to withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, to approving use of child-harming pesticides, to destroying the pristine status of ten

national monuments, he does not believe in sustainability, only immediate gain.


And the alien has progressed in terms of their discovery and application of energy sources. He has gone from carbon-burning to energy technologies of unimaginable sophistication. Trump would rather continue in the coal mines.

Aliens, in popular culture, are known to say, “Take Me to Your Leader.” But they do not want to be taken to this leader. Fear of those who are different than us, the fear of science and disregard for the environment are of course things that have always been with us. Trump, though, is the epitome and exemplification of these things. And he represents why ET does not want to meet us.


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