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(Originally published August 2019)


UFO Hangar, 1063x650, enhanced with Phot


The crash of an unknown vehicle and its pilots in early July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico is still surrounded by many secrets. Perhaps the most disturbing of these secrets are ones of financial fraud and of false hope. These secrets are revealed here and now:


  • Department of Defense contractors tasked to unravel how extraterrestrial craft operate – and who are supposedly conducting “reverse engineering” – are taking money to accomplish this knowing that they cannot possibly ever do so.


  • These DOD contractors are well aware that they are being paid to produce results, and yet have found only minimal value in the study of the craft found fallen near Roswell despite the passage of decades.


This is supported by first-hand witness testimony from Wright, the statements of a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, analysis by two eminent science writers, and the actions of a US Senate insider.


It is clear that while technical studies of the craft continue over years, they are based on misplaced efforts and wasted expenditures. And these efforts and expenditures are being exploited for profit in a major way by these engaged contractors. They continue to string along their black budget paymasters with “progress reports” on a project for which, by its very nature, progress can never be made.




Bill Ennis 1947.JPG
Bill Ennis 2008
Sgt. William C. Ennis


Sergeant Bill Ennis, a Wright Field (later Wright-Patterson) jet propulsion engineer from 1947, saw the crashed craft when it was brought to Wright. He was a Flight Engineer stationed at the hangar to which the craft was initially taken. But it took him many years to tell researchers this, having first misinformed them. When originally found by researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, Ennis laughingly and dismissively said that “nothing happened” and that it was “just a weather balloon.”


Some years later, he then had a turn of heart in the winter of his life, recognizing his obligation to truth and to history. He told the researchers that he did indeed see the craft when he was at the base, but that, though he viewed the whole thing, he could not see an engine or propulsion system. Ennis told researchers Carey and Schmitt that he was coming forward about his involvement at Wright and the crash that came to his base. He said, “After all these years, I still don’t know how it flew.” He wanted assurances that they would try to find out “what made it fly before I die.” They promised him that they would certainly try. The years pass, and so did Ennis, still wondering what propelled the damn thing if there was no power system.


And the question, “What made it fly?” is central to coming to the stark realization that the answer to that question is unknowable by its nature. Such material from such an exceedingly advanced civilization could not be fully understandable in our time because it is from a future time. Ennis is not alone in noting the lack of a power system. Those who have said that they saw the craft have never mentioned that they had ever observed an “engine” or propulsion system onboard. If there is none, what are the contractors studying? If an energy system, an engine, fuel, or a propulsion system is not discernable, what makes it move?



The truth is that the craft itself simply remains like a ‘museum piece’ in a display case, in a sense a relic from the future. It is a “curiosity piece” which is as technically unexplainable today as when it was first discovered. We still have no idea precisely how it works. While some understanding of the ‘materials of construction’ (i.e. some of the debris, such as the “memory metal” debris, see below) was gained, there has been virtually no “technically actionable” progress made in understanding the system dynamics of the craft found in the desert.

Museum Display Case, 700x400, no logos,
Tom Wilson, 668x854, enhanced with Photo
Navy Admiral Tom Wilson,
Former Director of the DIA

The idea that “little has been learned” is supported by what was related recently in the leaked ‘Eric Davis Papers.’ A dialogue allegedly occurred on September 16, 2002 between noted astrophysicist Dr. Eric W. Davis (Baylor Professor, Consultant to the DoD and Air Force, with a special expertise in propulsion) and Admiral Tom Wilson, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1999 – 2002. The transcript of this dialogue has recently surfaced and can be read by clicking the image below:

Note that Wilson was speaking to Davis four months after he had retired from the DIA.

If the copy of this dialogue is true, it is explosive in what it means to man. We have been visited by creatures who have crashed to Earth and we have the craft that brought them here. Leaked to researchers including UFO author Grant Cameron, and later appearing on the net, the note’s authenticity has not been confirmed as both Wilson

Eric Davis meeting with Adm. Wilson, fir

and Davis refuse comment. In these discussions, Admiral Wilson relates the involvement of defense contractors in an ET craft reverse-engineering attempt program.

Wilson allegedly speaks of a meeting he had with a Program Director, Security Director and Corporate Attorney with a major defense contractor,

cleared and read into the Roswell program. Wilson squeezed some details out of them, including that a craft not made by “man or human hands” had indeed been recovered in the past.


Somehow, researchers commenting on the Davis papers have missed or failed to comment on an extremely important detail:


Very tellingly, Wilson also squeezed out of the defense contractor insiders something else. Wilson said of their efforts that they have been “trying to understand and exploit the technology for years and years…with little or no success.”



Two noted futurists, Alvin Toffler and Sir Arthur C. Clarke, instruct us with their insights on why such reverse-engineering of craft from another world and time is not likely:


The late Alvin Toffler was author of 1970’s seminal book Future Shock. Toffler introduced a concept so profound that its implications continue to be felt as we continue our march into time. “Future Shock” is a condition of physical distress and mental disorientation brought on by the inability to cope with rapid or sudden change. As Toffler states so succinctly, it is “an individual and societal psychological state which is detrimental. It is induced when too much change is introduced in too short a time.”

I had a brief email correspondence with Toffler some years before he passed. We discussed ET, Contact, and (hypothetically) the reverse-engineering of captured alien craft. Toffler felt that “The technical gulf between extraterrestrials and humans would necessarily have to be very, very great. So great it would be like a dog trying to understand the Theory of General Relativity.” He mentioned that because we are human, we have human limitations. These human limitations do not apply to the alien. Their limitations are clearly less than ours. Toffler had previously suggested that there may well be certain cultural and even biological limits to our ability to “take in” such complex information and insight. Too much technology that is suddenly received too quickly that is too ‘different’

Future Shock, 924x1600, enhanced with Ph

puts too much of a demand on our ability to perceive and understand. This means that things made on another world, that far in the future, that come to our place and present time could even instill cognitive dissonance as there may be no frame of reference to make any possible comparison.


This sounds very much like what the late British science writer Arthur Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey) famously stated: any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic. Not only would alien craft technology appear as magic, but it would indeed be magical – moving by forces unknowable by man. If man cannot discern the difference between magic and technology, he cannot re-make the advanced technologies of an alien craft. It would be supernatural. Beyond nature as we know it. It’s rather like putting the proverbial working television in the dwelling of a Cave Man. He would have no idea how it works. Like the alien downed craft, it would be magical.


To experience the alien is – by its very nature – to experience the future. If they are coming here, rather than us visiting them, they are at an instant advantage. This means that they are at once an ancient race and a future race. Relative to us, their evolution and history (and by extension, their technology) reaches back far longer – yet they are, at the same time, of the “future”. It is a paradigm that would make even the wisest brains hurt. 


Beauty is in simplicity. But that apparent “simplicity” can hide extreme complexity. I suspect the secret of the saucers is so simple, we can’t figure it out. UFOs are often reported to have no rivets, no signs of joining or seams, and to be entirely smooth. If the craft found near Roswell showed no engine, no fuel, no energy system, that “simplicity” must be forever confounding. The testimony of Sgt. Bill Ennis and the lack of mention of a power system/engine by any witness to the crashed craft supports its likely simple and at the same infinitely complex technology.




Besides its extraterrestrial nature and its subsequent coverup, the biggest secret about the Roswell crash is this:


Private sector contractors who are read into the Roswell program cannot reverse engineer or reverse build something that was designed and constructed by those from the far future. But they are still getting paid vast sums to do the impossible.  Of course, these companies do this because they have every vested interest to continue extending their contracts to study the crashed vehicle over years, and obfuscate their inability to crack the code of a vehicle made millennia in our future.


They are kept on because:


  • They are so well-entrenched now in the military–industrial complex and they know so much more than anyone else that they cannot be “let go.”

northrop_grumann, cropped.png
Lockheed Logo, 940x580.jpg
  • With the advent of constantly-evolving generations of advanced instrumentation and diagnostics equipment, these involved contractors may one day find the answer to how the craft flew. If there is even a glimmer of hope of that someday success, they must be retained.


  • They reinforce the hope of success to the government that pays them by having accomplished a few things over the years that give the illusion of reverse-engineering “progress.”


They may have been able to:


  • Reconstruct the craft’s shape, surface, dimension and size


  • Incorporate our best attempts at replication of some of the metal alloy-like materials of construction of some of the craft (i.e. memory metal) into technologies used today (see the Roswell – Battelle series of articles on memory metal in the Article Archive section of  The memory metals that we have made however, are merely “baby toy” versions of what such alien-engineered material can do. And a rudimentary understanding of an engineered material is far different than understanding an engineered system. Knowing what the craft may in part be composed of is nothing like knowing how that craft flies.

  • Grossly replicate the craft’s exterior and interior features


  • From the above actions, create a representative model - but not a working prototype and most certainly not a fully functioning craft


  • Test the craft’s configuration in wind tunnels and by computer simulation. (However, this may be worthless, as such UFOs have demonstrated they are immune to atmospheric drag, g-force, and adverse flight conditions and often present themselves in non-aerodynamic shapes and forms.)


  • Continually “evolve” theories over years about how the craft works. They develop a group of linked ideas intended to explain how the craft operates. A theory provides a way to explain observations. These explanations are based on assumptions. And these theories and assumptions are based on man’s understanding of the universe, the elements and physics – not the alien’s.




None of the things above would tell us just exactly how these beings’ craft have come the light years required to arrive at planet Earth. None of these things would have provided four essential aviation / aeronautical insights in order to reverse-engineer the craft:


Motive Force. What fuels or powers the craft and what is its means of propulsion?


Actuation. What starts the action to cause the craft to operate and what actions cause the craft to continue to operate?


Navigation and Control. What plans, directs and maintains the course of the craft and the route it traverses?


Manufacturing. Even if someone can design something, it does not mean that they can make something. Our modern-day abilities to produce something from the far future created on another world would not apply. If the manufacturing processes are one hundred thousand years in advance of us, it will take that long for us to master them.  People who promote the fantasy of flying reverse-engineered alien craft do not understand the real world concept of Manufacturing Engineering. Manufacturing Engineering is the discipline concerned with successfully translating technical drawings into workable machines. It deals with “make-ability”. Moving engineered concepts into actual engineered products is very challenging. It is an insurmountable challenge in the case of things made by processes developed by non-earthly non-humans. Such beings make things in fundamentally different ways than us. They may produce systems in the weightlessness of space and they certainly calculate with wholly different forms of measurement than our own. They have access to needed things to create their vehicles that we do not.


And if the alien craft incorporates any kind of Mind-Machine Interface as has been rumored – if “thought” plays any role in such interstellar transport – then we can never unravel the secrets of how it operates, let alone actually manufacture these systems. If consciousness interfaces with engineered system, our consciousness cannot make the craft move.  Our brains and our thought processes must be hugely different than the alien’s. Similarly, if the alien craft incorporates any kind of Body-Machine Interface principles, the same applies. Our bodies and our “wiring” would be wholly incompatible to operate systems designed for beings thousands or millions of years in advance of us.


D'Amato Pic, 360x360, enhanced with Phot
Dick D'Amato

Dick D'Amato (C. Richard D'Amato) is – by any standard – a classic "DC insider". He apparently also knows far more about what happened at Roswell than most in DC. After attending Cornell and the Fletcher School of Diplomacy, D'Amato earned his JD from Georgetown. He was a Professor at the US Naval Academy. Entering the world of politics, he rose quickly through various appointments. He served on many high-level US congressional advisory bodies (including on defense appropriations, national security and on international relations matters) and attained Top Secret clearances. He was named the Chief Counsel and Investigator to the US Senate Appropriations Committee. He later became National Security Specialist for Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd and a liaison member of the National Security Council. Today a private consultant, D'Amato remains active in politics in Maryland.

The late Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. had a strange story to tell about Dick D'Amato. Dr. Marcel is the namesake son of Major Jesse Marcel, Army Intelligence Officer who was the first to reveal the ET truth about Roswell. Dr. Marcel relates that in 1991 he received a call from D'Amato out of the blue. D'Amato knew that Marcel had planned to attend a meeting in DC. He

invited Marcel to meet with him to discuss the Roswell event in what D'Amato called a "Secure Room" at the Capitol. Dr. Marcel (who as a child saw some of the ET debris) told D'Amato that would not be necessary – he had already said all that he knows – and that he was not going to say anything that he hadn't said before. But D'Amato explained to Marcel that the fact was that he himself wanted to relate to Marcel something important about the crash incident. Marcel agreed to meet. What would this DC insider tell him? Marcel said that he was told to meet in the Capitol Building, Room 228. Marcel indicates that D'Amato greeted him warmly. Marcel then noticed something displayed in the room. D'Amato had prominently placed on his desk a book on Roswell that explained it as an ET event. D'Amato pointed to the book and told Marcel: "This is not fiction." Marcel replied that of course he knew it was not fiction. He then looked at D'Amato and directly asked: Why doesn't the government tell the people? D'Amato told Marcel "If it were up to him" he would, but that it is of course not up to him. He agreed with Marcel that the information needed to be officially released. D'Amato then told Marcel that he had known of instances where "people have been threatened" about their involvement in Roswell. He asked if Marcel himself had ever been threatened. When told that he had not, D'Amato offered assistance and protection to Marcel if such a thing should ever occur.


It is known that D'Amato has had dialogues with a few researchers (including this author) in which he has detailed that there is a black arm of secrecy over the subject of UFOs – and that money is being secretly appropriated to defense contractors for projects related to Roswell’s reverse engineering program. D'Amato indicates that it was such a covert project that even with subpoena power he could not penetrate these operations. I would add that such companies are exempt from Freedom of Information requests because they are private entities.


D’Amato wanted more specifics back in the 1990s about black budgets and how billions of unaccounted-for tax dollars were being spent by these contractors. The reason the gatekeepers at these firms (often retired Generals) did not show him anything, is that they have nothing to show for the money they are taking:


They are not covering up what they are doing, they are covering up what they are not able to do.




The only people who make such bold claims of successful reverse-engineering of the craft are accused frauds such as Bob Lazar, Richard Doty and Corey Goode. They speak of fully-functioning, intact, alien craft that have been quietly reverse-engineered and built by humans. These man-made, alien-conceived vehicles are capable of manipulating space, time and dimension, maintain such fantasists.  


Common sense instructs us that if such extraordinary interstellar craft have actually been made by man, then someone is missing the boat on billions. Commercial companies would do anything for such technology. It would revolutionize transport of humans and delivery of cargo in ways we cannot imagine. If the military has such things, we would win all wars and fear no conflict ever.  On the face of it, the very idea of being able to fully reconstruct now what comes from perhaps hundreds of thousands of years from now, is not tenable. If we can really fly like aliens, then the NASA space program has been a “cover program,” with lives lost and taxpayer money wasted. 




Billions of unaccounted-for dollars spent by the government to private companies supporting defense is exactly what a former President predicted. Dwight Eisenhower gave a dire warning to the nation about a grave threat to democracy. He called it the “Military-Industrial Complex” – a formidable union of defense contractors working on secret projects with secret elements of military and intelligence. 


The prescient observation applies directly to the reverse-engineering program related to Roswell. Highly secret, highly entrenched and artful at obfuscation, these defense contractors having been taking the US government and taxpayers for a ride about Roswell for money for years. In his last speech to the world as President, Eisenhower hinted that he knew of the covert situation and that he had lost control of these projects. He didn’t know what they were doing, or more importantly, not doing.

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